Here are the Winners of the June 2022 THGaming Community Posting Competition!

So ends another THGaming Community Posting Challenge

Once again our Community Posting Challenge (Competition) was dominated by @Splinterlands and @risingstargame Posts. Some of the same names are consistently entering and winning these THGaming Challenges, and I really don't mind that! Keep up the great content.

Apologies for choosing the winners a few days late. We have some serious things cooking in the @THGaming kitchen, and they are taking up a lot of my time. I can't revel more than saying "we are working on a few collabs" 🚀

Anyway on to the winners...

We had 9 qualifying entries into the June 2022 Community Posting Competition

Here are the 5 Main Prize Winners :

@michupa - 300 x $PIMP
@atbui89 - 4000 x $THGAMING
@kraaaaa - 6.5 x $HIVE
@shiftrox - 10000 x $STARBITS
@psyshock - 1 x Chaos Legion Pack
4 x selected 'Runner Up' posts will receive 800 x $THGAMING each

Congratulations! All prizes will be transferred within 48 hours.

Read on to check out their Winning Posts...

I recommend following them too

(1) @atbui89 : 'Splinterlands Battles Giveaway!'

Winner of 4000 $THGAMING

Hello everyone and welcome to my contest! I decided to try something a little different this time and want to introduce a battle contest!
The idea is that I'd like to highlight a battle or two featuring some strange, exciting, or
FRUSTRATING battles for your viewing pleasure!
The inspiration behind this post was actually from one of my wife's battles (@pepperharrow) who's battle will be shown as today's featured battle (no spoilers!).

(2) @michupa - 'Spending 400k Starbits on packs!! [PT/EN]'

Winner of 300 $PIMP

Essa foi uma semana insana, eu gastei 400k de Starbits!!
Abrir packs é sempre muito legal e as expectativas de tirar uma carta lendária é algo que nos acompanha em cada pack aberto. Eu não sou um grande jogador de Rising Star ainda e juntar 400k de Starbits não foi uma tarefa fácil, mas eu não aguentei tanta ansiedade de juntar tantos Starbits e decidi abrir uma boa quantidade de packs dessa vez.
Foram no total 48 packs abertos e 144 cartas adquiridas para a coleção que vão me ajudar durante minha jornada para conquistar o estrelato do rock!
Eu gostaria de postar cada um dos packs abertos mas para não tornar esse um post entediante vou colocar abaixo as principais cartas adquiridas!

(3) @kraaaaa - 'Silent Shavi - The Silent Killer'

Winner of 6.5 $HIVE

Hi guys, have you ever played a game that you really want to share because it's both funny and amazing? This is one of my favorite battles since I started playing Splinterlands, and it was taken when I am playing in the GOLD league trying to climb into a diamond. A game that took 12 rounds without me losing any monsters because all we did is tried to counter each other.

(4) @shiftrox -'[PT-BR/ENG] Progress #81: I got 2 epic cards by opening 12 packs!'

Winner of 10 000 $STARBITS

Shiftrox Graphic 1 June 2022.gif

Gastei 100k de Starbits para comprar 12 packs (2 bônus) e o resultado foi sensacional!
Além de muitas raras, consegui 2 cards épicos incríveis!
Era o folego e animação que eu estava precisando!

I spent 100k of Starbits to buy 12 packs (2 bonuses) and the result was sensational!
In addition to many rares, I got 2 amazing epic cards!
It was the breath and animation I was needing!

(5) 1 x Splinterlands 'Chaos Legion' Pack : @psyshock - 'MY FIRST OPENING OF A CHAOS LEGION PACK | SPLINTERLANDS [ENG/ESP]'

Greetings friends of the #THGaming community, I have come again to share with you a bit of my adventure in splinterlands; this time I brought my first opening of a Chaos Legion pack that I received as a reward in my daily focus.

Saludos amigos de la comunidad #THGaming, nuevamente he venido a compartir con ustedes un poco de lo que va de mi aventura en splinterlands; en esta ocasión traje mí primera apertura de un pack de Chaos Legión que recibí como recompensa en mi focus diario.

Honorable Mentions (800 x $THGAMING tokens each)

The following 4 Posts by @rachaeldwatson + @psyberx + @lastczar1234 + @psyshock will receive 800 $THGAMING Tokens each.

Splinterlands Footer.jpg

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Great contest, Jim! Thanks for everything!



Congratulations to all the participants

Wow 😄 a new pack of Chaos Legion to open, HAPPINESS 😌
since hove came into my life every day is a blessing 🤭

@jim-crypto How great that you maintain this initiative that motivates us a lot to create content for the community 💪🏼

Keep posting 😋 and of course I'll create a post with the rewards of the new pack 😁

Good vibes 🖖🏼



I'm sorry for answering so late!

I am very grateful for this chance to participate and I am very happy to have won! Thank you so much @jim-crypto for the opportunity and what you've done for the community!



Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 15 SBT tokens to @shiftrox, @jim-crypto

remaining commands 9


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I'm just now seeing this! And my tokens! I was so happy to be honorably mentioned! 🤩
I was looking on discord to ask a question lol where's the best place to delegate. Lol.thg is all I know about and wanted to see if there were any other places?
Thanks again!🥰