Hivechain : Yesterday vs Today. $Hive moves 12 places, now rated 140th [ market cap ] of all cryptocurrencies! #splintertalk #oneup #leofinance #cubdefi

Hive all time highs again!

The $Hive token has broken through its previous all time high and is currently trading around the $1.75 mark. Hive token is now rated 140th overall, which means that it still has a LONG way to grow if it is to catch up to the bohemeth market caps of #Cardano #doge #dot or #solana. Not to mention the indomitable number 2 ranked #Ethereum that is a lot cheaper to send these days [bridging technology has come a long way] and ETH still has the best 'use case' of any of the #altcoins. A lot of dApps are built on Ethereum and EVERYTHING supports it!

Yesterday Vs Today

I LOVE the fact that $hive is not in the top 100 of cryptos yet. If you are reading this you are an early adopter in the #hivechain ecosystem, with the ability to make millions as 'normal users' over the next few years. This is why I stake + Hodl every token I earn in the Hivechain!

25 / 11 / 2021 ⬇️


24 / 11 / 2021 ⬇️


Why I'm Bullish on HIVE long term!

Yesterday I posted regarding the HIVE breakout and why I think the #hivechain is a great long term investment. You can read the full write up here ⬇️

24/11/2021 $hive heading for another ALL TIME HIGH? ➡️ 10:14am (CAT)

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Another ATH! $1.94

I wonder what Wallstreet is going to do in 8 hours?