🎴 Splinterlands: Another @THGaming brawl victory 🚀 We still have 1 place available in our Top Splinterlands Guild 🥇 #splintertalk #brawlreport #oneup #leofinance


Below you can see the final #Splinterlands brawl rankings list as THG1 was able to win another brawl event. We have won 4 out of the last 6 brawls, earning our top Guild players valuable guild merit points, which in turn are used to buy Gladius Chests and other assets in the guild Store ⬇️


@synist3r @BesFriend @denboxieval @ultm8x @jbtc19warrior ✨

Under 9 hours until the next Brawl. Our brawl places are filled within the first few hours of sign up in THG1, as every player wants those merit points + bragging rights! We have competition within #THGaming these days as our feeder guild players (THG2 + THG3) start to snap at the heels of our main Guild ⬇️


Gold Brawls

I rented an extra 20 Gold Foil Cards for my Gold Brawl Battle and got a few wins. Unfortunately the game bugged out and didn't register my last battle, claiming that I fled when I did in fact put a team down. Luckily this 'loss' did not matter and THG was able to pull through (battle reports below)

Battle_1.➡️ https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sm_ff6BS3zqvnisMWjDRpJO

Battle_2.➡️ https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sm_iYd3VK7EAfvvkFb6DL1M


The Vikings

Kortklubben were our strongest opponents this round and it was very close at the end there! They also appear to have free spots in their main guild so if you like the #viking vibe apply to join them 🎮 @cardshrine @axrho @sirstriker

A bit of fun in the last THGaming #ama as I opened 3 x Gladius packs. Hope you can make the next one on Friday ⬇️

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Trade wisely, Game hard & good luck on the #Blockchain, see you in the #Metaverse


All votes on this post will be converted into $HP + #HiveEngine Tokens and will be kept within various #hivechain exchanges 🚀

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