Battle Mage Secrets for the Lost Magic Ruleset


Here's the ruleset for this week's battle


In the lost magic ruleset no monsters are allowed with magic attacks. Knowing that my opponents are coming at me with some combination of melee and ranged attacks means that armor, speed and flying take on extra importance. Counters like thorns and backfire also become more important and the shield ability is better than ever.

In the equal opportunity ruleset all monsters take on the opportunity ability and target the opposing monster with the least health. This does a couple of big things. It allows for any melee attackers to attack from the back line, it also allows you to pick out which monsters you may want to go down. I quickly learned that this was a great ruleset to utilize the martyr ability.

With this combination of rules and these splinters available Tarsa in the fire splinter looks better than ever, as does Kelya as a counter adding armor and speed to the whole team. I think some sort of Kelya lineup is the most likely thing I'll face.

Some of the other fire summoners could also be great for this ruleset, particularly the legendary summoners.

Here's the starting frame


I was right in my prediction for a Kelya lineup. I also like that my opponent went with Diemonshark as the quintessential tank to pair with Kelya. The enrage ability is better than ever in the lost magic ruleset as it increases speed and melee damage.

Think about how this battle might play out before clicking the link

Let's talk about my lineup

Summoner: Possibilus the Wise


Possibilus gives my melee attackers reach and trample. All of my monsters have their starting health increased.

Tank: Serpent of Eld


This sea serpent has good speed and the dodge ability which is better than ever with lost magic.

1st position: Coastal Sentry


Coastal Sentry lays down huge damage with double strike and double opportunities to trample through for another hit.

2nd position: Venari Marksrat


The Marksrat is better than ever in the opportunity ruleset where it's one of the first monsters to go down and bestow the blessings of martyrdom on nearby monsters.

3rd position: Demented Shark


With the inspire ability Demented Shark buffs all of my melee attackers.

4th position: Pelacor Bandit


The Pelacor Bandit won out over Tide Biter for the flying. Tide Biter still would have been able to attack because of the equal opportunity ruleset, but Pelacor Bandit has a better chance of being missed.

5th position (rear tank): Hardy Stonefish


My Hardy Stonefish has the potential to actually deal a couple of damage because of the equal opportunity ruleset and the inspire ability on Demented Shark, but mostly it's here to soak up a couple of hits for the low low price of 1 mana.

Did we win?

Yes. This was a great battle and I came out on top.

What will I try differently next time?

I think that I would have shifted Venari Marksrat up between Serpent of Eld and Coastal Sentry. I definitely want Coastal Sentry to benefit from the martyr because of double strike, but the increased speed paired with dodge on the Serpent of Eld would have been great too.

I think that Kelya may have been a better summoner for this ruleset, but I don't have mine leveled up yet. I did beat an opponent who played Kelya, but I think they may have missed a couple of opportunities like including Venari Marksrat next to their Sentry and not including a fiend to soak up 2 extra hits.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the upvotes, reblogs, comments and follows. I'll see you in the game. I hope the updated format that I'm using is helpful. Feel free to share any specific feedback in the comments.


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