Desert Dragon Weekly Battle Challenge!



Take a look at this battle and think about who might win.


Here's the ruleset


You might have guessed from the Desert Dragon on each side of the field that the stampede ruleset was involved.
The other half of this equation is the explosive weaponry ruleset which means speed.

Here's a link to the battle

Let's talk about my lineup

Summoner: Quix the Devious


Ranged attacks frequently play an outsized role in the life splinter and a decent sized role in the death splinter too. The bigger part of this decision was that I wanted dragons because of the Desert Dragon and like I said in regards to the explosive weaponry ruleset. THE NAME OF THE GAME IS SPEED. Quix slows down my opponent's team.

Tank: Desert Dragon


You need the trample ability to make the most of the stampede ruleset. The best option for the Stampede ruleset is probably Possibilus, but the water splinter wasn't available. The Desert Dragon is also a strong option and hits hard.

1st position: Corsair Bosun


Bosun comes with decent speed and reflection shield which are a perfect combination for the explosive weaponry ruleset. A strong melee attack is also nice.

2nd position: Dax Paragon


This move was mostly about filling my mana cap. 1 dependable magic damage on a monster that can actually take a hit for 2 mana is a great rate.

3rd position: Time Mage


Between Quix and the slow ability on Time Mage I have the speed for each of my opponent's monsters down to 1 except for Crystal Werewolf. The Crystal Werewolf ended up not mattering anyways.

4th and 5th position" Fiend and Chicken


I was out of mana at this point which is fine because these don't cost any and may give me the opportunity to spare a hit to my back line.
These occasionally become a liability if my opponent has the right opportunity attack in the explosive weaponry ruleset.

Did we win?

Yes. We won this match in spectacular fashion. I had to share this scene with the Desert Dragon going off.

Do I like Desert Dragon?

Only a little. Desert Dragon's offensive game is often overshadowed by defensive liabilities. I don't play with Desert Dragon frequently because it seems to be taken out before it's first attack in a lot of scenarios. Case in point, my opponent had a Desert Dragon of their own. It did not get to attack.

What will I try differently next time?

The Stampede ruleset is likely to be less important than the explosive weaponry ruleset. I could have easily substituted Ilthain for Quix and I thought about Celestial Harpy in the position where I put Dax. Focusing on speed I think that a couple of my options could have won here but it wouldn't have looked nearly as impressive as this did.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the upvotes, reblogs, comments and follows. I'll see you in the game.