Leveling Up Your Fire Monsters For Bronze League


The max levels that you can play for Bronze league are level 3 commons, level 2 rares, level 2 epics and level 1 legendaries. You don't have to have any of your cards leveled up to earn full rewards in bronze league, but you'll have an advantage against opponents that haven't started combining cards.

If you happen to have any legendary summoners then you can play monsters that are maxed out for bronze. When I talked about going wide with your collections, one of the cards I recommended was Quix the Devious. If you have a copy of Quix then you can pair it with these upgrades.

I think these are some of the most impactful fire monsters to start leveling up and several of them happen to be among the least expensive cards in the game.

Radiated Scorcher


At level 3 radiated scorcher picks up the shatter ability. I didn't think the shatter ability was very important until I had played with it a few times. Cards like Immortalis and War Pegasus have made this ability much more visible and it is powerful. Abilities like stun and poison trigger about half the time. Shatter triggers all the time and it can wreck monsters like Legionnaire Alvar, Agor Longtail and Dumacke Orc.

Charlok Minotaur


At level 3 Charlok Minotaur picks up a 4th melee damage.

Tenyii Striker


At level 2 Tenyii Striker picks up a third speed. I frequently use sneak attacks when I'm playing the fire splinter and I've seen so many mirror matches come down to whoever gets to strike first.

Serpentine Spy


At level 3 Serpentine Spy picks up a second life. With 2 life the Serpentine Spy still goes down with the first hit, but the quickest way to take down a Serpentine Spy is with a Serpentine Spy and if yours has 2 health, theirs is more likely to target something in front of it.

A special note about Uraeus. If you can get your Tarsa to level 2, the Uraeus that you should hopefully already have at level 2 will hit for 3 damage along with Tenyii Striker and Serpentine Spy.

When picking out new cards to level up, it's important to consider whether you'll be playing in modern or wild format. All of the cards that I discussed in today's post are legal in modern. If you start to level these cards up remember that they will revert to level 1 if you pair them with a level 1 rare summoner like Drake of Arnak or Pyre on the battlefield.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite cards are to level up.

I hope this post has been helpful and informative. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the upvotes, reblogs, comments and follows. I'll see you in the game. If you're interested in starting your own Splinterlands adventure feel free to use my affiliate link to get started https://splinterlands.com?ref=jingo-submo PeakD is a terrific site for learning more about the game and the market.