Splinterlands: Exploring Strategies to Excel in Wild & Modern Format

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Hello everyone, it's @josediccus and @joetunex here. It's been a long time since we did a Splinterlands series and considering the current happenings in the game, we decided to talk about the SPS requirements for the game, the removal of bots in modern, and how this has influenced the newer competition in the modern format of the game.

We talked about why changes such as these are meant to revamp the economy and keep the money inside the system. However, we talked about why some of these changes might affect the strategies of players who are not flexible enough (because of lack of cash).

The wild and modern format of the Splinterlands gaming system now requires adequate intentionality and planning and this is why we took the opportunity to discuss some of these strategies to survive, the best decisions to make in the long run and so many other things.

Money is not always the solution, but in play2earn blockchain games, the bear market is always a time for changes and revampings. @josediccus talked about how he had to leave the format for good and @joetunex talked about how to play in both of the formats for maximum rewards.

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