Blockchain/P2E Gaming: Impressions so far.


It's hard to ignore this is kind of a thing.

Splinterlands brought me into this world and remains my favourite BCG/P2E for its mix of actual strategy, good art and the fact it is a card game - something I am naturally drawn towards (and half-decent at). I have thousands of dollars of IRL card games from Netrunner to Magic and beyond in my home and this is just a digital extension of that passion. The gameplay is quick, satisfying and infinitely repeatable. It's a good combo for a game that is actual fun, even if you are not making yourself rich.

This cannot be said of many games which are not even at a playable stage and, for all we know, could be complete scams. The combination of web 3.0, crypto speculation, NFT market wildness, game design and many other factors just makes them such a fascinating space to explore. I don't want to become a Splinterlands whale and probably couldn't on account of not have tens of thousands to spend on, well, anything. I just love gaming and am intrigued as to where these lead next in the mainstream.

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 4.02.06 PM.png

Sorare, Crazy Defense Heroes, Binemon, Mines of Dalarnia...I have a finger in all of these and am followin the development but 90% of the world have no idea what they even are!

I am tempted to resurrect my long lost YouTube channel - Ritual Gaming - which covered F2P games pretty closely just to explore and share information.

Just a thought...

Suggestions/requests are very welcome I want to just start documenting and sharing information about these at a surface level rather than absolute becoming a hardcore fixture of any particular game/community. Gotta play them all!