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I have been looking for a space in my lineups for SEA STALKER, it is a card with high Range damage at level 1 that interests me, the only time I try to use it is with CORNEALUS just before it and if CORNEALUS ends up in the frontline SEA STALKER can still attack due to its Camouflage and Snipe abilities, other than that I have been struggling to find a space for it in my lineups.

Level 2 and 3 interests me for the speed and an extra Range damage respectively. Would be nice to pull off a couple more copies for Riftwatchers packs which I have stopped buying for now due to the drop in SPS.

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With $6.50 one can get a copy of the Gold Foil and $0.93 for the Regular Foil.


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Haven started the season on a less tempo level, I think I have recover fairly with 41 chests accummulated so far with three days till end of the season.
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