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Hey guys, in this post I will try to explain the factors affecting the probability of monster's attacks to either hit or miss the target monster. Sometimes, this one lucky miss will greatly change the result of the match. So as much as possible we do not want the outcome of our battle to be decided just by luck. We need to understand how to calculate hit/miss to utilize this as a strategy or atleast increase our chances of winning.


Speed Differential

Aside from calculating which monster to attack first, SPEED is also a factor in calculating hit/miss of an attack. Note that hit chance always starts with 100%.

Case 1: Speed of attacking monster is greater than the speed of defending monster

  • There will be no changes in the hit chance. It will never go up above 100% nor it will negate the effects of other ability. Basically, having a greater speed will only ensure that you will attack first. Of course, the effect will be different in "Reverse Speed" rule.

Case 2: Speed of attacking monster is lower than the speed of defending monster

  • Each difference in Speed will result to a 10% chance to miss. So for example, an attacking monster with 1 Speed targets a monsters with 6 speed. There is a speed difference of 5 which is equivalent to 50% chance to miss an attack (1 out of 2 attacks will hit).

We can increase the difference in Speed using buffs from Summoners and/or Monster's ability.

Summoner's buff/debuff:

Summoner's with Speed Buff:

Kelya Frendul, from Water Splinter, is one of the most use summoners right now which gives plus 1 Speed and 1 Armor to all Monster. Water Splinter which was previously the best Magic lineup pre-Chaos Legion now becomes the Speed lineup.

There are other Summoners which provides a Speed buff to our monsters.

Summoner's with Speed Debuff:

Quix the Devious is one of the newest Dragon Splinter Summoner from Chaos Legion. Aside from the Speed debuff, it also has a range damage debuff.
While Crypt Mancer from Death Splinter has melee damage, speed and HP debuff.

Speed buff/debuff from Ability:
Slow - Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters by 1. SLOW effect can be stack but can only reduce the speed to a minimum of 1.
Swiftness - All friendly Monsters have increased Speed.



Dodge ability increases the chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks by 25%. Having a Dodge ability will not cancel the effect of Dodge ability of target monster. Unlike with Flying ability, the increase evade chance of Flying ability will be cancelled when attacking monster also has the Flying ability.

Chaos Agent, Shadow Snitch, Tenyii Striker and Venari Scout are the newest additions from Chaos Legions with Dodge abilities.



Flying ability increases the chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks by 25% from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability. This means that increase chance to evade attacks will only apply if attacking monster didn't have the Flying ability.

Snare is the ability which directly counter the Flying ability. Monster with Snare will remove the Flying ability of targeted monsters. It also gives a 100% hit rate against Flying monsters, even though the Flying ability is already removed.

Brighton Bloom is the only Summoners that provide Flying ability to all friendly monsters. It is mostly used with Earthquake rule to negate the damage from earthquake.

On the other hand, Vera Salacia provides Snare ability to all friendly monsters. It is use when you want to counter Flying monsters. In Earthquake rule, you can deploy monsters having Flying ability by default then use this Summoner to remove the Flying ability of enemy monsters.



Blind is a debuff you inflict to your enemy monsters. When enemy monsters have Blind status, their attacks have an increased chance of missing by 15%.
Blind can be remove using Cleanse ability.

LIR DEEPSWIMMER is the only Summoner that provides the Blind debuff to enemy monsters. Although Blind is not the main reason why you will choose this Summoner, but rather with its Return Fire ability to counter heavy ranged line-up.

There are also other monsters tha can provide Blind debuff.


Calculating Total Hit Chance

In order to calculate the total chance that your physical attack will hit, we need to combine the effects of each ability and the difference in speed between the monsters.
This is equal to:
100% - (Speed Differential + Flying effect + Dodge effect + Blind effect)

Speed Differential of 5 (5x10=50%) with Flying (25%) and Dodge (25%) ability = 100% chance to evade the physical attacks


Other factors affecting Hit Chance


True Strike ability provides the monster a 100% chance to hit regardless of the Speed or Abilities the targeted monster had. This is the direct answer if you want to secure a 100% hit chance.

Byzantine Kitty provides True Strike ability to all friendly monsters. Aside from the True Strike ability, it also provides an additional 2 speed to friendly monsters. This speed buff can be crucial especially when you are against a high speed line-up.

AIM TRUE Ruleset
In AIM TRUE ruleset, all attacks will always hit their target. Abilities like Dodge, Flying and Blind will be useless during this battle. While Speed will still have an effect on calculating the attack order.

Unlike Melee and Ranged attacks, Magic attacks are always guaranteed to hit. But with the Phase ability, Magic attacks will now have a chance to be evaded using the same calculation of melee and ranged attacks. This means that Speed Differential and other abilities like Flying, Dodge or Blind will now be effective to evade Magic attacks.

VOID DRAGON is one of the newest monsters from Chaos Legion which has the Phase ability. It also has the Flying and Void ability which can definitely help to sustain damage from magic attacks.

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This is a very informative post! I hope newbies to the game get to read this!



Thanks!!! When I was still a newbie, I was also clueless about this kind of stuff. I even got excited when I got a lucky win due to opponent missing their attacks. But most of the time, frustrated about all the matches that I should have won, only if all my attacks hit the opponents. Now that I understand it, it all make sense.


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