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This is the time to share our recent guild brawl result as of July 18, 2022. We managed to secure the top spot and earned 22 Crowns for our guild and 1,354 Merits each participating guild members.

It was a tough battle in Fray 8 where I was participating, luckily I managed to get a winstreak (no losses) which helped my guild to secure the highest ranking.

Guild Reward
If you have previously followed my guild reports, you know that our guild provides a unique reward system for those members who thrive in the guild brawl battles. And to give the summary of who will received and by how much, let's check the summary below:

Tier1 which consist of Fray 1 to Fray 4 was domanited by @kraaaaa with 6 wins and 1 loss. He'll will 100 DEC in total (25 DEC x 4 [1st place])
Tier2 which consist of Fray 5 to Fray 7 was dominated by @nothan01 with 4 wins and no loss (undefeated). He will received a total of 400 DEC (50 DEC x 4 [1st place] x 2 [undefeated])
Tier3 which consist of Fray 8 to Fray 10 was dominated by yours truly @jpleron with 6 wins and 0 loss. I will be receiving a total of 800 DEC (100 DEC x 4 [1st place] x 2 [undefeated])
Tier4 which consist of gold frays (Fray 11 to 13) was tied between @papar and @scroff. @scroff will get 600 DEC (150 DEC x 4 [1st place]) while @papar will receive 1200 DEC (150 DEC x 4 [1st place] x 2 [undefeated])

Aside from the Tier champs, @olaf.gui will also received half of the Tier prize because of being undefeated in his brawl matches. That's equal to 200 DEC (200 DEC x 4 [1st place] / 2)

A total of 3,300 DECs from our very kind and best guild leader ever @jsundy :)

Match Analysis

Let's move on to quick summary of my matches to check what happened during the match and on how we can improved our winrate if in case we encounter the same scenario

Match 1:

No magic, no armor!!!


In this match, the ruleset are Lost Magic and Unprotected with 21 mana capacity.

Lost Magic prevents Magic attacking monsters to be used in the match. This means that we will only allowed to use melee and ranged Monsters. Our backline monsters should either be a Melee capable of attacking from the backline like Reach, Sneak or Opportunity, or a Ranged attacking monsters.

Unprotected means armors will be removed from all monsters. This means that high HP monsters will have an edge since all damage will go directly to the health points and no armor can protect our monsters.

As you can see, both of us predicted that there's a high chance that ranged monsters will be deployed in the backline. My opponent uses CONTESSA L'AMENT, a Death summoner, to reduce the ranged damage of my monsters. On the otherhand, I opted to used QUIX THE DEVIOUS, a Dragon summoner, which has the same effect of reducing the ranged damage and speed of enemy monsters.

Since we do not have armors, Speed is very critical consideration in this match. The faster you can attack, the more chance that you can eliminate enemy monsters before they get a chance to attack. The summoner I used have the effect of reducing the Speed of enemy monsters, while my opponent uses Creeping Ooze to reduce the speed of my monsters.

Another crucial ability in this match was the SHIELD ability from Chaos Knight. SHIELD effect can reduced the damage of melee and ranged, even upto zero damage. Since we do not have magic damage, this is the perfect ability for this ruleset. As you can see, only Curesed Windeku's attack and the Thorn damage has an effect to Chaos Knight. All ranged attacks from Soul Strangler and Dark Astronomer was reduced to zero.

Of course, let's not take for granted the clean-up ability of Dhampir Infiltrator. This monster eliminated 3 backline monsters. Although those monsters really don't give any damage to Chaos Knight, it is still good to have this kind of backline sweeper in your line-up. If in case my opponent also uses a monster with SHIELD ability, my ranged monsters will also have zero damage. Having a diversified attacks is also a good strategy.

Match 2:

Small but terrible!!!

With the Little League ruleset, we were limited to use monsters with 4 mana and below. Aside from that, all our monsters will not have any abilities due to the Back to Basic ruleset. Only Summoners can provide any abilities or stats buff/debuff. With this ruleset combination, this will be a battle between the basic stats of the monsters. Melee monsters won't be able to attack from the backline, so it is either a ranged or magic type monsters.

I chose the Dragon Summoner, QUIX THE DEVIOUS, to reduce any ranged damage from opponent and at the same time, reduced their speed. Combined with the slow provided by Quix, I also handpicked my monsters with high speed to ensure I got to attack first. As a result, I was able to eliminate enemy monsters without giving them a chance to attack, as seen with enemy Cerberus. It was not a good choice to deploy mostly ranged monsters since they won't be able to attack once they are in the first position. A combination of magic and ranged for the backline is much preferred for this battle.

Match 3:

Slow but Steady

This is a match where monsters with the lowest Speed have an advantage. Fire and Earth are the most known Splinter where monsters have not so high Speed stats. With the Reverse Speed, this is the best way for those monsters to turn their weakness into strength.

With only three Splinters to choose from, Dragon is not a good choice since they normally have a medium to high speed stat. The only option then is either Fire or Earth. The match also has some high mana so I opted to go for Fire given that I have GRUM FLAMEBLADE (11 mana) and CHIMNEY WALLSTOP (10 mana) which has both Bloodlust ability. Also, Grum has the VOID and VOID ARMOR which is a good counter against magic line-up incase my opponent go for Earth splinter (luckily my hunch is correct). These two monsters has a low Speed as well which is perfect for this ruleset. Combine it with a neutral monster like SAND WORM (9 mana) who also has a low speed, this is a sure disaster.

The Bloodlust effect really help me win this match as it allows both Grum and Chimney to stack up stats after killing some monsters.

Match 4:

Greatest Magician

This is a battle between Mages in Splinterlands. My opponent uses ALRIC STORMBRINGER as his Summoner while I used DELWYN DRAGONSCALE. Both summoners increases the Magic damage of alied monsters. I opted to go with a Dragon Splinter combine with a Life splinter to have access to Captain Katie, a Gladius card with Magic damage and Snipe ability. Using Delwyn as my summoner, this increases the damage of Captain Katie which increases killing capability, which in turn allows for triggering Bloodlust effect.

Void Dragon is also a good pseudo tank as it has VOID ability to reduces the magic damage, and the FLYING ability plus its high speed to give high chance to evade physical or ranged attacks.

One thing I learned in this match is the effect of Resurrect combined with Divine Protection. As you can see, after resurrecting the monster who just died, the Divine Protection allows it to absorb one more attack. This means that you gave the resurrected monsters more chance to survive longer after being resurrected.

Match 5:

Hit me baby one more time!!!

Wave Brood singing in the tune of Hit me baby one more time! as this monster taunted and absorbed almost all the damages from enemy monsters. The opponent's monsters can only deal 10 HP damage in total to Wave Brood while my backline healers can sustain 12 HP enough to cover all their attacks. The combination of TAUNT and TRIAGE is really awesome. I only need to eliminate one monsters at a time to secure a victory.

Xenith Monk was able to sustain and regen the damage from Diemonshark. After triggering the Enrage effect, Diemonshark's damage rose to 5 while Xenith Monk can only heal 4 HP per round. With 1 HP damage per round, it will take 12 rounds for Xenith Monk to go down. Fortunately, Diemonshark did not last 12 rounds as it receives barrage of attacks from our monsters.

The match took 13 rounds to finish. Slowly but surely, we inflicted damages every round to a single enemy and used the healing abilities to sustain the damage the enemy monsters dealt to our monsters.

There is still one more match in this brawl, unfortunately I failed to saved the battle link. For now, this will be our post match analysis.


Gladiator of the week

This week's award goes to CHIMNEY WALLSTOP!!! Although I only used this monster once, for me it was the closest match I ever had in this particular brawl. The tandem of GRUM FLAMEBLADE and CHIMNEY WALLSTOP in high mana matches is something I always look up to. Both monsters have very high melee damage and high health. The REACH ability of Chimney allows it to attack and maybe stack up stats from the backline while Grum or other main tank holds the line.


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Hey Jp, what a nice post and report from Booty Lickers Brawl.

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Thanks @papar. You also did a great job of being undefeated in your fray.