Come Fly with Me!

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Hey all! Its Jsynnthagr8 im back again with a nice little battle for your consideration. If you just wanna see the action here is the


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The rules are Flying and Even Stevens so this was perfect for a Dragon play. I used Chaos Dragon and friends.

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Flying is the key here as the dragon will not take damage every round like non-flying monsters will.


The Battle begins!

I expected a magic opponent with healing but I was fairly confident that with 5 flying monsters totaling 33 life I could weather any magic healing storm.
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By round 2 Earthquake is just recking them

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By the end of round 3 all hope was lost

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Flying is so strong in Earthquake and dragons own the skies

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My takeaways

  • Quix is super powerful in flying because the archer nerf will apply to alot of the flying monsters

  • I was lucky no blast next time I would flank the Riftwing with higher life monsters blast could have reckd my Fire Spitter

  • I could have really tore into this team if I had upgraded my Chaos Dragon to level 2 where he gets Blast!

Thanks for your time I hope this battle was useful to you and I hope to see you on the next one!

Shout out to Illusions of the Grave! Best guild in the splinterverse.


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