Splinterlands -- Battle of Poverty, The Series



Hello people from all world. Welcome to my first post about the series I'll be doing on battles. It's called the Battle of Poverty
Over a year ago I sold all my splinterlands cards and had none to play with. I saw several players commenting that they play the battle only with the cards that the game makes available and I decided to put together a series about this type of battle to make them more visible and attractive.


The battle in question was a fascinating novice league match, in the Wild format.
Mana cap: 22
rules: Standart, no modification on standart rules!!
Avaliable Splinters: All
My oponnent for this battle was: @michow0842

In this battle I used the water splinter and my Summoner was Kelya Frendul, who has two abilities. It gives 1 more Speed ​​to all friendly monsters and 1 more Armor to all friendly monsters.

His main skill used in this battle was speed. Combined with Serpent of Eld's Dodge ability, Serpent Eld managed to dodge several enemy attacks.

My team: Kelya Frendul(+1 Speed,+1 Armor), Serpent of Eld(dodge), River Nymph(cleanse), Elven Mystic and MerdaAli Guardian(tank heal)

I chose this team because I thought that the Serpent of Eld at the front of the battle, combined with the speed coming from Kelya Frendul, would be able to dodge several attacks. The 2 mages, River Nymph and Elven Mystic I chose because at this game level there aren't many defenses for magic attacks, so I knew they would deal damage. Last and most importantly, the MerdaAli Guardian(tank heal) to heal the Serpent of Eld.

Now, let's see the enemy team: Kelya Frendul(+1 speed,+1 armor), Serpent of Eld(dodge), Icie Pixie(flying), Angelic Mandarin and Deep Lurker( opportunity)
We use the same summoner, Kelya Frendul and the same first card position, Serpent of Eld.
When I saw the enemy team's cards, what worried me the most was the Serpent of Eld, which would have both the same speed as mine and the same ability to dodge. This would make the game very difficult.
The other opponents had lower speeds, so by taking their mage out, I figured I had a chance of not getting hit.

Let's go to battle. Click here to watch:

Round 1: They started attacking with Serpent Eld, but mine dodged the attack. However, soon after, they dodged mine's attack. All other cards completed their attacks and my tank heal healed Serpent Eld!

Round 2: My 2 mages left their Serpent of Eld with only one life point, however, who died here was my Ryver Nymph card, which was being attacked by the DeepLuker card, with the ability opportunity.


Round 3: Their Serpent of Eld took mine's armor, however, soon after it died being hit by my tank's Serpent of Eld attack. The difference here is that mine still had 5 life points, as it was being healed by Merdaali Guardian.


Round 4: My tank was attacked by the 3 opponents, but only the icie Pixie hit the attack. From the other 2 he dodged.

Round 5: We kill their second card. My tank and my remaining mage did the job.


Round6: We continued attacking their team while the damage they dealt to the tank was healed by Merdaali Guardian

Round 7: We killed their Angelic Mandarin card with 2 straight hits.

angelic mandarim.jpg

Round 8: Here ends the battle. Their Ice Pixie was killed with a straight shot from my Elven Mystic

icie pixie.jpg

Wow. A very smart battle on both sides. I managed with my tank heal strategy to heal my Serpent of Eld tank, which ended the battle with 4 life points. I only lost one card which was my mage Ryver Nymph.

I really enjoyed this battle. It's proof that great battles can be fought at any level of play.

Thank you all so much and have a good afternoon!!

Watch the battle again, here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_0357a29a10ccac9f69753e516fd277b8&ref=julisavio

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