Splinterlands -- Battle of Poverty, The Series --- back attacks strategy



Hello, people from all world!Welcome to my post about the series I'm doing called "Battle of Poverty".

I make this series because I don't have cards to play and I play with the cards that the game makes available for us to use. A lot of people do that in the game, so I'm here representing those people. Hope you like the post!!


The battle in question was a fascinating novice league match, in the Wild format.
Mana cap: 30
rules: Standart, no modification on standart rules!!
Avaliable Splinters: All
My oponnent for this battle was: @rusterholz

In this battle I used Fire Splinter and my Summoner was Tarsa, who has two abilities: +1 melee attack for all friendly monsters and +1 health for all friendly monsters!!


What I admired most about this battle was the +1 melle attack that Tarsa gives my team and how it helped my two monsters that have the opportunity and sneak abilities to take down enemies more easily.

My team: Tarsa(+1 melee attack, +1 health), Living Lava(Shield), Radiated Brute(reach), Serpentine Spy(opportunity), TenyII Striker(sneak), Fire Elemental(blast) and Radiated Schorcher.

I chose this team that has many monsters with melee attack because Tarsa increases their attack by 1 point. This helps the team a lot to defeat the enemies, since my team has 4 melee attack monsters.

Now, let's see the enemy team: Obsidian(+1 magic attack), Unicorn Mustang(void), Child of the forest(snipe), Elven Mystic, Goblin Psychic(tank heal) and Regal Peryton(flying).

When I saw the opposing team I worried about two things. The first is that he has 3 mages on the battlefield and the other thing is that one of those mages is tank heal. This causes him to heal their tank which already has a very high health. This could cause me not to be able to defeat the team.

Let's go to battle. Click here to watch:

round 1: Round 1 started off wonderfully for my team, especially with the +1 melee attack that Tarsa gave the team. However, with +1 magic attack from the opposing team, they became dangerous.

At the very first attack of my Serpentine Spy with its beautiful skill, the Child of the Forest fell.

goodbye :)

His 2 mages left my tank with little life, however, who fell from the battle now was Elven Mystic, knocked down by TenyII Striker.

goodbye :)

Soon after, the Psychic Goblin took down my tank.

living lava.jpg
goodbye :(

Round 1 was electrifying

Round 2: My Serpentine Spy, again with its beautiful attack, knocked down the mage I feared the most on the opposing team.

serpentine spy.jpg
goodbye :)

Round 3: It started with Regal Peryton taking down my tanking monster, Radiated Brute

goodbye :(

After that, the only monsters on the opposing team's battlefield were the Unicorn Mustang and Regal Peryton. However, Regal was knocked down by Fire Elemental's blast attack.

goodbye :)

Afterwards, their Unicorn Mustang took down my Serpentine Spy.

serpentine spy.jpg
goodbye :)

On the last hit, my TenyII Striker took down their Unicorn Mustang.

goodbye :)

Wow. A big and disputed battle made by the 2 teams with the monsters being knocked down by the 2 sides. However, in the end, my team took down more monsters and emerged victorious. The strategy of using Tarsa's +1 melee attack allied with my monsters with opportunity and sneak abilities were crucial for the victory.

Watch the battle again, here:

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