Splinterlands -- Battle of Poverty, The Series --- Living Lava strategy


Hello, people from all world!Welcome to my second post about the series I'm doing called "Battle of Poverty".

I'm doing this series because I don't have cards to play and I see that many players also play only with the cards that Splinterlands makes available and think it's really cool to see this type of battle. This post is dedicated to you!!


The battle in question was a fascinating novice league match, in the Wild format.
Mana cap: 25
rules: Standart, no modification on standart rules!!
Avaliable Splinters: All
My oponnent for this battle was: @dwcum21451975

In this battle I used Fire Splinter and my Summoner was Tarsa, who has two abilities: +1 melee attack for all friendly monsters and +1 health for all friendly monsters!!


What I liked most about his skills in this battle was the +1 melee attack. It helped my team a lot to deal damage to enemies and destroy them quickly!

My team: Tarsa(+1 melee attack, +1 health), Living Lava(Shield), Radiated Brute(reach), Serpentine Spy(opportunity), TenyII Striker(sneak) and Chaos Agent!

I chose this team because my Summoner's two skills, +1 melee attack and +1 health, allied with my team's skills, mainly the skill of the tank Living Lava de Shield, making his life bigger, therefore, more resistant and increasing the attack from my 3 attacking monsters, Radiated Brute, Serpentine Spy and TennyII Striker, would be great for taking down opponents.

Now, let's see the enemy team: Wizard of Eastwood( -2 armor), Micelyc Infantry(Shield), Failed Summoner( Magic reflect), Goblin Thief(Sneak), Venari Scout(opportunity) and Regal Peryton(flying)

When I saw the enemy team on the field I was very worried. What worried me was that I would have -2 armor, their tank had a very high life and with the shield skill it would be very difficult to defeat and he had two monsters with the same skill as me, which could destroy my team attacking other monsters other than my tank.

Let's go to battle. Click here to watch:

round 1: The round started electrifying with their mage removing damage from my tank. Soon after, my Serpentine Spy card with its opportunity ability knocked out their card, Venary Scount, with just one attack.

venary scount.jpg
goodbye :)

Soon after, their Goblin Thief took down my weakest card, Chaos Agent, which only has 1 health with just one hit as well.

chaos agente.jpg
goodbye :(

round 2: In round 2 my tank started taking damage from Mycelic Infantry, which is the post card. Then he took damage from the mage. However, who took a monster from them out of the game was my Serpentine Spy card and its light ability called opportunit.

failed summoner.jpg
goodbye :)

Soon after, my TenyII Striker with its Sneak ability and +3 attack took down the opponent's Goblin Thief monster.

goodbye :)

round 3: Round 3 started out pretty sadly. Their card called Regal Peryton with its magic attack knocked out my Living Lava tank, which only had 1 health.

living lava.jpg
goodbye :(

In the last attack of the round, my Radiated Brute took down their tank, Mycelic Infantry, with its right hit.

goodbye :)

round 4: Regal Peryton started attacking and took 1 life from my Radiated Brute monster. Soon after, Serpentine Spy missed the attack on Regal Peryton. However, TenyII Striker and Radiated Brute landed the attack and removed Regal Peryton from the battle, sending their team home early.

goodbye :)

Wowwww. An exciting battle for both sides. For sure, having 2 monsters on my team with skills that made them not attack the tank and look for other opponents made my team victorious in this beloved battle. I really enjoyed fighting this battle. Big battles can be done with cards at early levels.

Watch the battle again, here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_8f4ea77c495a6020f900b4395e64c920&ref=julisavio

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