Splinterlands -- Battle of Poverty, The Series --- The Excellent MerdaAli Guardian


Greetings, people from all world. Welcome to my post about the series I'm doing called "Battle of Poverty".

I make this series of the battle of poverty, because I don't have cards to play and I know many people who play that don't have either. I think it's cool to show how the game "without having cards" is.


Since I don't have any splinter dragon cards, I chose Merdaali Guardian. I think it's a super cool card.

So, Let's follow how this amazing and miraculous battle was:


The battle in question was a fascinating novice league match, in the Wild format.
Mana cap: 21
rules: Standart, no modification on standart rules!!
Avaliable Splinters: All
My oponnent for this battle was: @clcdp58694879

In this battle I used Water Splinter and my summoner was Kelya Frenduil, who has 2 skills. It gives +1 Speed ​​and +1 Armor to all friendly monsters.

His two abilities helped my team a lot to win. My tank having +1 armor and my heal tank having +1 speed were crucial to the battle.

My team: Kelya Frendul( +1 speed , +1 armor), Diemonshark(trample), Deeplurker(opportunity) and Merdaali Guardian(tank heal).

I chose this team because I thought that my tank, which already has a lot of armor, would be better off with +1 armor and its trample ability would be very useful. However, the most important thing would be ShitAli Guardian with her heal tank skill that wouldn't let my tank be defeated. And this is what happened.

Now, let's see the enemy team: Obsidian(+1 magic attack), Unicorn Mustang(void), Regal Peryton(flying), Khmer Princess, Chaos Agent and Mycelic Morphoid.

What made me most worried about his team was that he had 2 mages on the team and Obsidian gave +1 magic attack. In addition, Regal Peryton has the flying ability and 5 speed. It would be difficult to defeat him.

Let's go to battle. Click here to watch:

Round 1: The game started with our summoners giving us their abilities.
In the first attack he suffered from DeepLurker, Chaos Agent was kicked out of the game.

goodbye :)

Round 2:My tank was heavily attacked by their team, but Merdaali Guardian healed it.
This time, it was time for DeepLurker to take down Mycelic Morphoid with his powerful attack.

goodbye :)

Round 3: Regal Peryton left my tank with only 1 health. Meanwhile, my tank left their tank with only 4 health. +1 armor was very useful here for my tank, who took damage from the Unicorn Mustang and could have died if he didn't have the armor.

Merdaali Guardian again healed my tank.

Now it was DeepLurker's turn to take down his Khmer Princes.

goodbye :)

Round 4: My tank crashed after Regal Peryton and Unicorn Mustang attacked.

goodbye :(

Then DeepLurker took out their tank.

goodbye :)

Round 5: Regal Peryton attacked DeepLurker and took damage, however, Merdaali Guardian healed him. DeepLurker couldn't hit Regal Peryton because of his flying ability

Round 6: The scene repeated itself, however, DeepLurker took 3 damage from Regal Peryton. The damage DeepLurker took was fine, as Merdaali Guardian healed him.

Round 7: The scene repeated itself and DeepLurker failed to hit Regal Peryton.

Round 8: After many deviations, Regal Peryton is knocked down by Deep Lurker, causing us to win the battle.

goodbye :)

Wow, what an excellent battle took place here. It was very disputed. DeepLurker played very well, however, in my humble opinion, the star of the game was Merdaali Guardian. Without her, my monsters wouldn't last as long on the battlefield and we would have lost.

Watch the battle again, here:

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Thank you all for reading and have a great afternoon