Splinterlands -- Battle of Poverty, The Series --- The grand blocker Serpent of Eld


Hello, people from all world!Welcome to my third post about the series I'm doing called "Battle of Poverty".

I'm doing this series because I don't have cards to play and I see that many players also play only with the cards that Splinterlands makes available and think it's really cool to see this type of battle. This post is dedicated to you!!


What caught my attention in this battle was my tank's great skill called "dodge". With it, not only could I win the battle, but, combined with the healing of my Merdaali Guardian card, I didn't have any monsters defeated!!

So, Let's follow how this amazing and miraculous battle was:


The battle in question was a fascinating novice league match, in the Wild format.
Mana cap: 26
rules: Standart, no modification on standart rules!!
Avaliable Splinters: All
My oponnent for this battle was: @liuyu347

In this battle I used the water splinter and my Summoner was Kelya Frendul, who has two abilities. It gives 1 more Speed ​​to all friendly monsters and 1 more Armor to all friendly monsters.

His main skill used in this battle was speed. Combined with Serpent of Eld's Dodge ability, Serpent Eld managed to dodge several enemy attacks.

My team: Kelya Frendul(+1 Speed,+1 Armor), Serpent of Eld(dodge), Deeplurker(opportunity), Feasting Seaweed(opportunity), Ice Pixie(flying) and Merdaali Guardian( Tank Heal)

I chose this team because I thought that the Serpent of Eld at the front of the battle, combined with the speed coming from Kelya Frendul, would be able to dodge several attacks.

It was very interesting to also have 2 monsters with the ability opoortunity. One had +2 attack and the other +3 attack. With that, I would attack the enemy's weakest monster and could take 5 points of damage in a round.
Finally, the Merdaali Guardian with its tank heal ability helps the tank to stay on its feet for a good part of the battle or even all of it.

Now, let's see the enemy team: Kelya Frendul(+1 speed,+1 armor), Serpent of Eld(dodge),Kulu Swinhunter, Xenith Archer, Deeplurker(opportunity), Ice Pixie(flying) and Hardy Stonefish.

When I saw the enemy team's cards, what worried me the most was the Serpent of Eld, which would have both the same speed as mine and the same ability to dodge. This would make the game very difficult.
The other opponents had lower speeds, so by taking their mage out, I figured I had a chance of not getting hit.

Let's go to battle. Click here to watch:

Round 1: In game order, they started with +2 armor than me. Both Serpent of eld attacked each other. My Serpent of Eld almost died, but Merdaali Guardian healed it!! After the attack of my 2 cards with opportunity, their first card was dropped.

goodbye :)

Round 2: Luckily, my Serpent of Eld, which only had 3 health, started attacking their Serpent of Eld and left it with only 1 health. On their Serpent of Eld's turn to attack mine, the attack was dodge. With my Ice Pixie's attack, their Serpent of Eld was knocked out of the battle.

goodbye :)

My Serpent of Eld again dodged the attack that would have killed it before it healed.

Round 3: My Serpent of Eld dropped their Ice Pixie.

ice pixie.jpg
goodbye :)

My Serpent of Eld dodged 2 attacks and shortly after my 2 monsters with opportunity knocked their Xenith Archer off the battlefield.

goodbye :)

Round 4: My Serpent of Eld was left with only 1 life, however, it did not die. Their Deeplurker monster was knocked down, taking 2 direct hits from my 2 opportunity monsters, Deeplurker and FeastSeaWeed.

goodbye :)

Round 5, the final round: Kulu Swinhunter from the opposing team was left alone on the field. He couldn't stand the attack of my monsters and succumbed.

goodbye :)

Wow. An excellent battle made by the 2 teams. I really liked that my Serpent of Eld dodged several attacks during the match. This caused her not to die and the other monsters on the team not to be knocked down either. It's really nice when we win a game using a good strategy, don't you think? Excellent battles can be done at beginner levels, like what I am.

Watch the battle again, here:

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my twitter: https://twitter.com/julisavio1

Thank you all for reading and have a great afternoon


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