Splinterlands -- Battle of Poverty, The Series --- The strategy of multiple attacks


Hello, people from all world!Welcome to my post about the series I'm doing called "Battle of Poverty".

I'm doing this series because I don't have cards to play and I see that many players also play only with the cards that Splinterlands makes available and think it's really cool to see this type of battle. This post is dedicated to you!!

I would like to talk in this post about the great strategy I used with life splinter using monsters that have the opportunity ability, which attack the weakest enemy and monsters that have the sneak ability, which attack the enemy behind the lines of defense.
This strategy worked very well against my opponent and made my team emerge victorious on the battlefield.

So, Let's follow how this amazing and miraculous battle was:


The battle in question was a fascinating novice league match, in the Wild format.
Mana cap: 24
rules: Standart, no modification on standart rules!!
Avaliable Splinters: All
My oponnent for this battle was: @noirweiden

In this battle I used life splinter and my summoner was Mother Khala, who has 1 skill. It gives +1 life to all friendly monsters.


In this battle I used the summoner Mother Khoala that has a skill. It gives +1 HP to all friendly monsters.

My team: Mother Khoala(+1 health), ShieldBearer(taunt), Cave Slug(opportunity), Stitch Leech(sneak), Celestial Harpy( flying and opportunity) and TruthSpeaker(protect).

Mother Khoala +1 life skill, combined with TruthSpeaker's protect skill, which gives +2 armor to friendly monsters, certainly helped my team win. However, the most important thing in this battle was that my team did not rely solely on frontal attacks. Their tank with the shield ability would take a long time to die if I only attacked him, causing the rest of their team to detonate mine.

Using the skeak and opportunity skills I was able to attack the other monsters on the opposing team and emerge victorious. What really helped this strategy is that the monsters on the opposing team, excluding the tank, had little health. So with just one attack or 2 attacks I could take down their monsters that could deal high damage to my team.

Now, let's see the enemy team: Pyre(+1 speed), Furious Chicken, Living Lava(shield), Goblin Fireballer, Fire Elemental(blast), Spark Pixies(flying) and Serpentine Spy(opportunity).

When I saw the opposing team I was worried about two things. First it was with their Living Lava tank which has the shield ability. It reduces the damage of my monsters and it would be very difficult to defeat it. Second is Serpentine Spy, who could easily take down my team if not taken down quickly.

Let's go to battle. Click here to watch:

round 1: The round started with the monsters gaining the abilities of the summoners. My monsters gain +1 life and enemy monsters gain +1 speed. Fortunately, my tank with the taunt ability drew all the damage from the enemy team. In my first attack, Furious Chicken was knocked down.

goodbye :)

In the second attack it was Spark Pixies' turn to fall.

goodbye :D

Fortunately, my Stitch Leech with the Sneak ability took down their Serpentine Spy before it could damage me.

goodbye :)

To complete the round, on my last attack take down their Goblin Fireballer.

goodbye :)

round 2: It started with fire elemental and Living Lava from the opposing team dealing super damage to my tank.

In 2 attacks I managed to knock down the Fire Elemental.

fire elemental.jpg
goodbye :)

Round 3: The living Lava knocked my tank out with its powerful attack.

goodbye :(

My team attacked Living Lava, but its shield ability made it take little damage.

Round 4: We continued attacking Living Lava, taking some damage from it, but it wasn't enough to defeat it.

Round 5: Living Lava with its powerful attack knocked out my Cave Slug.

cave slug.jpg
goodbye :(

With the defeat of my Cave Slug I was worried, because I only had a monster with +2 attack that could damage Living Lava. Fortunately, that's what happened.

living lava.jpg
goodbye :)

Wow. An excellent battle made by the 2 teams. I really liked my strategy using opportunity and sneak ability monsters to damage monsters that weren't their tank. This certainly made my team victorious. Congratulations to the opposing team for the great battle.

Watch the battle again, here:

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Thank you all for reading and have a great afternoon