EOS Rewards + Lucky Legendary Cards!
It was a very interesting season finale, as we had more time to play (18 days if memory serves), I managed to win 40 chests this time, allocated in the silver league category 2.

I made a great effort to finish this season in gold 3, in the modern standard, it was not easy, I found many strong opponents, but in the end I reached my goal.

Without further ado, let's get to the content, I count on your presence!

Using the Splintershare tool, I will share with you how my results were:
My rewards were very reasonable, coming in at $7.24. Did you wait a little longer? Sure, but now we have more options, like merits dropping in chests too and as I said in the intro, these rewards were allocated as silver 2, so the DEC multiplier wasn't even that high.

A good highlight and one that is always good to get is an epic unit, as was the case with Djinn Chwala:

Djinn Chwala.jpg

It may not seem like much, but I'm always grateful when I get these cards, because I think about their appreciation in the long term, so it may be that in the future I can put them up for rent and get a DEC income or whatever the token in the future.

And now as I finished at gold 3, my reward this season will be allocated on top of this league level, it will be harder to get many chests, but I will apply my best to get as many as possible!

Again it's like I said, it may not be worth much now, but I have hope and I bet on the appreciation for the future, and whenever possible to use a golden card, it gives us bonuses in ranked victories, so it's always great to win these cards.