Twitter Blue introduces hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures !!It will best nft in crypto market


Taking the NFT buzz into account, Twitter Blue's NFT profile picture feature will let users showcase their collected non-fungible tokens as their display picture.

Jumping on the NFT craze wagon, micro-blogging site Twitter on Thursday launched a feature enabling users to ‘show off their prized possessions. Twitter Inc’s new tool will let its users to use a non-fungible token they own as their profile pictures.

Moving from its traditional circle-shaped profile pictures, Twitter introduced the NFT Profile Pictures feature in a hexagonal shape. It’s not just the shape that makes the feature stand apart. Tapping on the hexagonal picture displays info such as the token, its owner, and more.

As appealing as it might sound, Twitter’s new tool is only available to a limited user base. It can currently be used by iOS users of Twitter Blue, a monthly subscription service with exclusive access to premium features and app customizations.

Revealing its brand new feature, the official Twitter Blue posted a video of users like @bobbyhundreds, @beijingdou, @On1Force switching to NFT Profile Pictures.

In another tweet, Twitter Blue showed how users can show off their NFT profile pictures. All they have to do is connect to their crypto wallets and select the NFT to be put on display.

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