A Goblin Abroad - Landfall in New Dawn




Discover Praetoria through the eyes of Fizgig Fangtooth, an adventurous goblin from the city of Gobson in Anumun who is looking for a fresh start in a frontier that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams.


Follow him on his travels into the new world and experience what it's like to be a stranger in a foreign land through the eyes of an unlikely pioneer, recorded in both the postcards to his betrothed, Fiert Slopsnot, and his journal entries along the way.





Landfall in New Dawn




he voyage to New Dawn was utterly horrendous. Being one of the smallest and most nimble aboard, the captain collared me on the second day and sent me up the main mast, something to do with an overexuberant first officer chopping off the rigging monkey’s hand for stealing food. The poor lad was only trying to get his rations that he missed out on due to getting stuck in the head with a dodgy stomach, now he was down one hand and old muggings here has been given his duties. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is trying to climb the main mast when you’re feeling bilious, I spent most of the third day hiding in the crow’s nest after spewing my guts up over the entire crew working below me! They weren’t happy.


The task has kept me active though and prepared me somewhat for the delights of New Dawn. A name that paints a pretty picture indeed, but the only striking thing that hit me when disembarking was the overwhelming stench of rotting fish and blocked sewers, not a pleasant combination I can tell you. The dock itself was fairly efficient, as ports go, and the wharfies unloaded the ship in impressive time. And so I bid my farewells to the crew, who had long since forgiven me for my small indiscretion in the rigging, and even the captain shook my hand and gave me some coin for my services. It certainly brightened up my day and set my mouth to watering thinking of the hot food and fresh ale waiting for me at the nearest tavern. But with every silver-lining comes the inevitable rainstorm and I’d barely made it a hundred yards through the dock before getting jumped by two footpads. They were an untidy pair and didn’t share a mouthful of teeth between them. They had some wicked blades though and no moral issues in relinquishing me of my coin. I managed to conceal one silver piece in the debacle and when I drew Khish and started slicing at thin air, they ran off laughing. You wouldn’t have thought things could get any worse, but after another two hundred yards and a couple of turns along side-streets, I walked straight into an irritable ogre. I saw this shake-down coming a mile off and quickly stabbed him in the big toe with Khish, making good my escape and holding onto that final silver coin. Nearly robbed twice in the space of ten minutes! At least I’ll still eat pie and gravy tonight and wash it down with an ale or two, even if I can’t afford a room.
Over the next few days, I went in search of work. I considered offering up my new sailoring skills to one of the fishing trawlers, but I just don’t think I can stomach the experience, it’s one thing sailing with a hold full of smelly humans but quite another sharing it with dead fish. Instead, I visited some of the tanners in residence here. Most of them weren’t overly welcoming when they saw a goblin walk through their doors, but I eventually found one that was astute enough to know a good thing when he sees it. His name is Ghark and he’s one of the oldest hobgoblin’s I’ve ever met. And would you believe it, he comes from the Giant Grasslands south of Gobson and came over here with the first settlers. We’ve spent many an hour talking about home, and I’ve managed to help him improve his wares, what with his eyesight making much of his work untidy. He let’s me stay in the shop overnight and I sleep next to the fire to keep warm. New Dawn really isn’t safe at night for a goblin and the streets are even more dangerous than home, so I’m happy spending most of my time here and saving the coin I get. Hopefully soon I’ll have enough to find a trading caravan and head inland where they say you can make your fortune.
Fingers-crossed it won’t be long before I’ll have enough money to pay back the debt to Ugok and free Fiert from the horrible old troll’s service. Then we can be wed and have a proper life together…Fiert and I that is, not Ugok.