A Goblin Abroad - The Old District of New Dawn



Discover Praetoria through the eyes of Fizgig Fangtooth, an adventurous goblin from the city of Gobson in Anumun who is looking for a fresh start in a frontier that promises riches beyond your wildest dreams.


Follow him on his travels into the new world and experience what it's like to be a stranger in a foreign land through the eyes of an unlikely pioneer, recorded in both the postcards to his betrothed, Fiert Slopsnot, and his journal entries along the way.





The Old District of New Dawn




ix weeks has absolutely flown by and my days have been full with work. I can’t complain, and Ghark has been incredibly generous with his coin. My duties quickly increased to helping him run the shop alongside all of the repair work, and I know I’ve not been here for long but I’m sure business has improved. Many customers are still a little on edge when they see a goblin serving them but most have come around to the idea, and some are even moderately friendly. Ghark did have to throw out an obnoxious elf the other day who was so perturbed at being served by a goblin that his ears started twitching, but all in all its been a surprisingly positive experience. I even met a merchant from the trader’s guild the other week who has put me in contact with the head of the next caravan due to journey inland in the next few weeks, so hopefully it won’t be long before my real expedition is underway. He even said there are those that have returned from a place called the Aria Barrens with gold nuggets to trade. This has really spurred me on and I can’t wait to get started.


On another note I managed to find a free day recently and went for a wander further into the city of New Dawn. Although it is relatively young, there must have been a settlement here before our colonization because there is a really old district with buildings full of character the likes of which I’ve never seen before. There was one building in particular that took my eye and reminded me of the old ruins where I met Fiert on the outskirts of Gobson. Winding steps led down to a small square with an impressive fountain. The water sparkled as it caught the sun and colorful birds bathed in the bowls near the top. For the briefest of minutes it became the most serene moment I’d experienced since arriving in this new land, until the most bizarre creatures I’ve ever seen, shattered the tranquility. They call them Ulund and they resemble hippos. Well these pair came charging into the square, throwing their clothes off as they went, before jumping into the clear waters of the fountain. They were squealing in delight and making quite a din, enough to peek the curiosity of a passing city patrol that wasted no time in chasing the pair back down a side street...completely naked! I took that as my cue to return back to the shop, but not before purchasing a quick postcard from an astonished hawker who was manning a small stall nearby. I’ll send that to Fiert as it is sure to stir fond memories.


One thing I did notice on my walk through this part of the city was an old arena. I mentioned it to Ghark upon my return and he informed me that once a week they hold spectacles there where battle mages fight against one another. It sounds fascinating and something I intend to see before I leave. Apparently entry can be quite costly but I’ve decided it’s worth the coin, a small treat to myself before I tighten the money pouch further in preparation to depart inland. I remember my grandgoblin telling me about the arenas, though, unlike most other places, they lost much of their popularity in Gobson when bloodsports were banned. He would often take my father there when he was young and I used to love the tales he told of the epic battles around the fire in the evenings. I’m really excited to see what it will be like.