Splinterlands : 10X Chaos pack opening ( got a epic gold foil )


Hello everyone ,
how are you all ? it's been few days since i wrote here.

I am actually not well and that's why i was a little inactive but here i am with another 10x chaos legion pack opening video for all of you.

Though i was not able to get a legendary card this time but i got a gold foil epic card and i am really about that only.


So it is a fire elemental card named Tusk the wide , currently trading at $70 so i am actually happy to get this epic gold foil card.

You can check the entire pack opening video below.

So , i do got some rare and normal epics as well but overall it was a decent pack opening for me.

That's all for this post , i will be back with me chaos legion pack opening for all of you and i hope i will get some fantastic cards in future as well.

Thank you