Splinterlands : Got this card to my team today ( Torhilo the frozen )


Hello everyone , how are you all ?
I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

In this post i will share about another fantastic card from the water elemental Torhilo the frozen. I got this card today in my team for next two days and this card has been performing well so far.

You can see how beast of a card it is with nice stats. Yes this can heal in front of few cards from the initial water elemental card so make sure to do take this card with good backups.


Here is one of the battles from today that i fight using this card in my team. I hope everyone of you will like this battle and know how good card it is.

My battle

I will keep trying and adding new cards to my team. Also as the Chaos legion packs will be opened in less then three days now , i hope to get some good cards from there as well.

That's all for this blog , i will catch you all up soon with my next blog.

Thank you