Splinterlands : Opening Chaos Legion Packs ( Got legendary in my very first pack )

Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

The wait for Chaos legion packs to open has finally overed. I have already opened my packs and make sure to see the pack opening videos in the later section of this post.


I got legendary in my very first card opening and i am really happy , let's see what the prices of these cards will be. Maybe will rent some and keep some with me for playing.

I liked the animation of the pack opening as well. It was fantastic.

Below is the link to my YouTube channel and the video of pack opening. Make sure to like , comment , and , subscribe.

I will upload more videos for sure. Will going to open more packs and upload the videos of them as soon as possible.

What about you, did you opened your chaos legion packs ? what did you get? do share in comments below.

Thank you.