Splinterlands : Season End rewards ( Opening 12 chest box )


Hello everyone ,
how are you all ? I hope everyone is fine and doing great in their life.

The last season of Splinterlands ended last night and though i managed to reach up to gold 3 in terms of ratings my power sadly did not fit the criteria to be in that league.

Anyways , i finished in silver 3 as my power was less then 20000. I will look into some cards and try to buy them so that i can atleast reach up to gold 3.

Gere are the rewards that was collected by me opening 12 chest i obtained from the season end rewards.


So not that great but still not that bad as i have been used to getting 1 credits and alchemy potions only. So these cards are atleast better then that.

At this point i think i have learnt quite well about how to play this game , though i am still in confusion as to power up till 100k i have to spend $600 approx.

I will think and decide what should i do as $600 is no less atleast here in india it is a salary of a common man for two months.

Anyways , that's all for now thank you for reading my Splinterlands blog.

Thank You