Started earning my first DEC. Waiting for Hive to bounce before buying further card decks

Daily quest update

I start playing Splinterlands every day once my daily quest goes live. Then I play later on in the evening before and after dinner. Last week I had mentioned a solid strategy (in my opinion) for beginners and that has been the most successful for me as far as win ratio is concerned (the number of battles won/the number of battles played). My win ratio to complete daily quests was the fastest using that Strategy. In case you missed my last post, you can find the link here. I have noticed (I could be wrong) that a lot of players are now using that strategy as I see more drawn battles now (same deck of monsters). Additionally, I see the combination of the summoner I mentioned and the first monster quite often than before.

Today, the daily quest for me was sneak. I prefer such quests where it is not about the splinter but about skill. Unfortunately, I focus more on finishing the daily quest first, and therefore it will be clear to the opponent that I am only using one Splinter. That makes it easy for them to develop a counter-strategy. This is why my update about my Splinterlands journey, later in this post, is relevant and will encourage a lot more users to buy cards and up their levels. The real fun of the game begins when there are battle rules involved.

Here are my battles from today. There are Bronze II battles and Bronze III battles so you can see that I have started earning Dark Energy Crystals now.

Splinterlands Daily Quest Battle 1
Splinterlands Daily Quest Battle 2
Splinterlands Daily Quest Battle 3
Splinterlands Daily Quest Battle 4
Splinterlands Daily Quest Battle 5

Upgrade to Bronze II


As you can see in the top right corner (blue arrow pointing towards it), I now have 0.712 DEC. Not much, but as I progress in the game I will surely earn more.

I wanted to buy a lot of packs using my HBD payouts but the recent crash in crypto markets tempted me to convert HBD to HIVE and I am hoping that HIVE goes up in value so that I also save some HIVE to power up. Due to this delay, I was playing a lot of battles with 400+ rating points but because I did not own enough cards and my power was < 1,000, I could not earn DEC. That seemed quite useless to me and I did purchase just one more pack to take my tally to 8. Now, at least I can earn DEC. I will wait to purchase more packs till the time I have improved my gameplay to reach Bronze I.

I also want to devise more strategies using each Splinter that can be unbeatable. Right now I have just one but if I have strong strategies using each Splinter then I can mix my monster cards well and get strong results I believe.

I own 37 cards now. Also, I will now only open packs when I have enough potions. Don't want to waste any packs without them.

The element of Game rules

My posts are only targeted towards those who are new to Splinterlands and therefore this is an aspect that may be interesting to only such people. When I moved to Bronze II, another thing changes about battles. There are specific rules for each battle and only certain Splinters will be allowed. One that I liked a lot was reverse speed - monsters with lower speed attack first and have increased chances of evading attacks. This was so interesting when I saw it for the first time as now one has to choose low mana monsters (ideally 3 to 4). There were some battles where monsters lost all abilities. Such rules make you rethink your entire Strategy. In fact, the beginner strategy that I suggested is completely useless if all monsters lose their ability. All I have to say is that there are 'N' number of rules that are possible and it makes for some very interesting battles. In fact, I think it makes for a level playing field. Let me explain below.

Consider 2 beginners, one like me (third-week running) and one who is Bronze I (playing for a couple of months). Because there are different rules and specific splinters allowed, I have quite a strong chance of beating someone slightly more experienced than I, simply because both have to strategize based on the new battle. This is what I meant by a level playing field.

I would therefore encourage new users to increase their power to 1,000 as soon as they are comfortable with the technical aspects of Splinterlands. Things start to get interesting as you progress in the game. I am now looking forward to level II summoners and monsters and experiencing what those games will be like.

That's all the update from me folks! Hope you liked it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S. If someone can explain to me what a Guild Store Level 6 is, I will be very grateful.