I would just love to use these Gladiator cards in normal games as well

I know not everyone is playing brawls when they are playing Splinterlands, but there have been an exceptional amount of teams competing in the brawls lately. And why would you want to do this next to playing tournaments and normal quests as well, and you don't get any DEC from the battles?

Well because you have the most fun new cards to play with which don't work in normal daily quests.

No shabby draw here right? 3 rare cards and 1 golden, it is just a pity these cards are not on the market

When your guild wins in the brawls you receive an amount of tokens called Merits which let you buy other cool stuff that you normally can't. To me the most fun part are these new cards all with bloodlust in there.

I have written before about the bloodlust skill and I am trying to implement it in every brawlgame that I play. When you kill an opponent your card gets a stat upgrade of 1 life, 1 attack and 1 speed making it the most brutal cards ever. I guess if you also would have a card with 'last man standing' in there, then they would be absolutely unbeatable.

Here in this battle taken from the brawl games you can see what the power of bloodlust actually is (but mostly on the card of my opponent haha where it actually gains strength.)


In the equal lives set we all go up and you can see my ol' Bighead 'Lord Arianthus' doing the tank work. Lord A is currently on the market for $313 and you can understand why. He really is a usefull member dogding attacks and also reflecting back when you have a level 2 card.

Also the double strike cards are really doing there work and I guess when these are a bit levelled up and get extra skills in there then they really are cards you want to have in your line up.

So what the bummer is here that these fun cards can only be used in the brawls but they would be fine in the normal games as well. Somewhere I do hope tat this will be possible one day, but on the other hand I would understand that gives the cards some form of exclusivity. Tactics from the Splinterlands team that would be!

Als the fact that you can not sell them on the market but they are bound to a player is cool, but on the other hand sucks a bit. So I do wonder what the future will be with these cards and how they will be used more.

Anybody know any of this on how the Gladiator cards' future looks like?