More than useful reward cards actually!

I have seen a lot of posts lately from players who have started playing Splinterlands just recently and feel like the have trouble getting out of Bronze 3 to get to higher levels. Now honestly, this is currently way more difficult because you are not able to receive DEC rewards anymore in these kinds of levels. This means that you need to get cards on the market to level up because you need a certain amount of DEC value to your deck to enhance.

I get it, it is challenging. But when we all started a while back this was also not so easy as there were a lot less option to start with. Renting wasn't an option and what worked for me was just winning cards in daily quests. Some days I would win some, some days I wouldn't.

But doing the quests daily that is key to actually getting to own more cards. I just will not happen overnight, how badly you want this. So either you hope for that 1 GF card in your rewards which you could sell and get more cards with. (which I did over the last years and eventually it worked out) or you just write blog about it, use those rewards to rent some cards.

Play2earn doesn't mean it is all for free. The good news is: there are actually very decent rewards cards at level 1 which will help you play!

Venari Wavesmith


This is my most recent discovery of being fine a fine card. With the protect ability already at level 1 this card will give all of you monsters 2 armor. Especially when you are using this card in combination with an Alric Stormbringer who gives you extra magic attack and this card giving all of you cards two armor...for 5 mana there are a lot of batles where you can use him.

Lava Launcher


Now the 'Close Range' ability which says:

Monsters with the Close Range ability can preform ranged attacks from the first position

which is actually kind of a mystery to me what this means. Either can you not have ranged attacks from the positions behind this, or do you have stronger attacks from the front position. Honestly I don't really get it. But regardless of that, this card with a decent shield and a decent amount of ranged attack can be very useful in higher mana battles which you want to consider him in.

Djinn Chwala


Well hello there new best friend. This Djinn I have been using a lot lately and just today I have upgraded him to level 2 which will give him more melee attack. But since this is a dragon card and I always use him wil Daria Dragonscale that already will give +1 additional melee attack.

But apart from that this card has the Thorns ability which will make it a perfect tank to start with when for instance there are no healing abilities allowed in a battle.

As you see there are enough decent reward cards to be found in reward packs as well which will get you further along the line. Every end of season I get thrown back into Silver 3 so I also know how it is to not get a lot of reward cards from the daily quests. But hey...just work em every day and eventually the gems will come to you as well. Just give it some time, like really.