My first Gladiator Cards


Chaos Legion is coming and the hype is building up faster than lightspeed at the moment around it when you look in terms of what the value of SPS ($0.88) and DEC ($0.1506) currently is.

I want to talk about another aspect of the Splinterlands game where I had my first. Because for me it was the first time participating in a brawl where merits were the reward of it. I have been in Brawls before, but not in the ones where there you get unique rewards from it. Today I received my first merits and was siked to buy some Gladiator cards from it which to me is a first!

Behold the result beneith!


Remember, these Gladiator cards are only ones that can be found when competing in Brawls with your guild. I have been a member of the Immortal Gods2 team for ages, but the players in there are always a lot better than I am so I tend to keep myself in the background. But this week there was a spot open for the guild to be in and I won 6 from my 8 battels! No guilt on putting myself in a spot this time and luckily no disadvantage for the team but only upside!

With our team we had tons of good wins and we were actually winners of the brawl this round collecting 84 crowns to upgrade everything with als also 4150 merits per person. Holy crap that is something else right?

I decided to buy some Gladiator cards because I literally dont have any in these and just want to expand my collection.


This is the memo with all the gladiator cards actually which I wasn't quite aware of. The cards are Soulbound and are not to be used on the market in whatever kind of way. The only thing you can do with them is burn them for DEC if you would want so. I checked and the rare ones have 40 DEC of value so that seems not really like a good idea as I make 40 DEC ($0.44 American Dollars) per battle that I win.

The question will be if it is worth having these cards? And the answer will always be 'Heck yeah collect as many as you come from them!'

Now the one thing that all my new cards have in common is that they have the 'Bloodlust' feature in there. I am not sure if you can use these cards only within guild brawl or also in the ranked battles. but they do have a really interesting stat in there:


Every time it deafeats an opponent, it get's +1 to all stats

I mean that is just a winner in stats right? That is like the 'Life Leach' function, but then in every aspect of it. I can't wait to try out these functions!

What I also do hope, is in some kind of way they will give some extra value as well in terms of SPS or at least an incentive for more people to join a guild. If it is not for the fact that brawling is just good fun, then it is because you want to have these kinds of cards.

As said the next big thing will be Chaos Legion next week which we are all looking forward to also in a financial way, but this is also just a tremendous amount of fun for the lover of the Splinterlands game.

Splinterlands hasn't been letting down this year and more will be upcoming for sure still


as I make 40 DEC ($0.44 American Dollars) per battle that I win.

What league are you in now? I'm a ruthless 100% monster-lord so have lost touch with game match rewards.