The bots are is my rental revenue


Every pro has its con as we all know. Even with the major spike in Hive price overnight there are enough reasons to be or not be happy about it.

I kind of missed the Hive pump even though the price is still up there, but in terms of having some liquid present to do something with. It feels now like we might stay up there for a bit, so no rush for anything.

But getting back to Splinterlands, as finally aomething worked and the bots seem gone all of a a sudden.


Bots suck for gaming, as we all have played against the army of the digital and there is no fun in that.

The one reason ofcourse that the bots were there in the first place is that it must be profitable to write a script and run that for rewards. Rewards in terms of collecting cards or previously DEC rewards and now SPS rewards.

**But the reward cards have changed to soulbound. Meaning that they can not be sold anymore and they are tied to you account. And boom...the bots are gone.


But apart from the bots being gone, also all of a sudden my rentals have declined which makes sense but kind of sucks. Because the rental market was also a decent calculist on how popular the game was at the moment.

Making a couple of bucks renting out the collecting while not playing, that is a cool story to tell people around you right? But that aint the case at the moment.

Screenshot_20230204_103534_Hive Keychainbeta.jpg

As you can see I went from a nice 2900 DEC per day at the end of season to an measly 290 DEC I guess only for some gold foil legendaries.

Now honestly my rentals are not really something special and it is just cool to have something going on during the day.

But it is kind of an indicator on popularity how bad people want to be playing it. And also the Splinterlands crew was always really big on how they were doing on Dappradar in terms of amounts of transactions.


A nice 28% decline..ouch.

Well maybe this is just the phase where we discover the real fanbase versus the get rich fast kids, and that would also be cool.

But with the upcoming roadmap I do hope something will boost the incentive to play again for people, it would be a pity to see Splinterlands go down a road no one wants.

Im sure the team is behind the mental drawing table as they always are and hopefully we will see the value coming back really soon.

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That's true, the Sps price value will get back to something better, continue enjoying your game @karinxxl 😊