Grum Flamblade the invincible


Hello everyone,
Hope you had a good chests rewards with Manny gold cards and Manny packs.
Today I decided to write about the Grum Flamblade.
Is an unbelievable powerful card on low levels
I decided to transfer a copy to my alt account which is in bronze level and Grum Flamblade managed to win the game just by himself
Below I left the link to the battle
You will see how it goes from 4 attack to 10 attack
I usually don't play the fire deck so often,but seeing Grum in this battle made me think.
Grum Flamblade
Short description of the card:
Chaos Legion
Splinter Fire
Price per bcx:$4.50
Abilities on Level 1: Bloodlust and void armour

Thank you for your time reading my post and watch the link below.