Buying GEM METEOR monstar at lenel-1

welcome to my Blockchain gaming community,

Welcome to my new splinterlands game post. How are you playing the Splinterlands game? Is everything okay? Do you own many cards in this game? My favorite part of splinterlands game is buying cards and another is opening crates. I don't buy cards every day in a Splinterlands game though. Because I can't afford to buy cards every day.

I usually buy when I need the monsters used in the Challenge post that the Spellbook has not yet been locked. At some point, I will open the Spellbook. About 2 months ago I shared about a challenge post using WATER. The GEM METEOR used in that challenge post is convenient to use. So I bought this card a yesterdays. The card I bought today is a card from Water Unit. I wanted to buy a gold card, but it was expensive, so I bought a normal card. The name of the card I bought is GEM METEOR card. GEM METEOR is an epic card. GEM METEOR card costs only 5 mana and this card has 1 Ranged attack; Has 4 points of speed and 5 points of health and has Scattershot Ability. I only spent $0.61 to buy that card. Tomorrow I will share a battle challenge using . thank you See you in the next post. See you later.