Forbes Article On Hive / Splinterlands In The Works???


I woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise on Twitter (where I spend some of my time promoting Hive. Don't judge!) ~ a new follower by the name of Charlie Fink.

Who exactly is Charlie Fink? He's an author and tech columnist for Forbes covering VR / AR / XR and The Metaverse, among other tech things I presume. You can check out his twitter profile here and his website here.

Why would he start following ME? My one and only guess is that he is doing some research on Hive or Splinterlands for an upcoming article. He must've seen some of my Hive tweets and figured I was worth following for more information. I noticed he also follows a few other Hivers.

With all that's going on with Hive and its potential place in the Metaverse, it makes a lot of sense. There was an article recently on The Motley Fool about Splinterlands, as well as some other press. Things are heating up. A Forbes article could give Hive another big shot of rocket fuel on its way to the moon.

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