Kenny's #HivePizza #BrawlReport - Brawl Ending 10/10/2021

Hello again beautiful humans!

I didn't manage to get one written up for our last brawl unfortunately, but I definitely wanted to cover this one! It was a real edge-of-your-seat brawl this time around, for sure.

For the first day and a half, the guild Blue Pill Society was dominating things, way up at the top of the list. Then, about 12 hours before brawl end, the guild Immortal Gods 5 entered all their battles, and jumped WAY into first, with an amazing W:L record.

It turns out, they were the only guild in this brawl with a level 3 Barracks, meaning they got to ban one card from their opponents in each Home game - which got me an insta-loss in my one battle with one of their members.

The good news... we now have enough crowns to upgrade our Barracks to level 3 as well!

Overall Performance

Overall I feel pretty good with my results from this brawl. Obviously, I'm always hoping for an undefeated day, but in the Silver-All fray (the hardest of the level 1 brawls), that's not always an option... Especially when one of the guilds so wildly out-matches everyone else in the Brawl.

So, 3-2 for me this time around, with my two losses being to the two guilds that got 1st and 2nd place. I'm almost positive I would have won my match against the IG5 member, if they hadn't been able to ban my Yodin.

The odd thing to me was just how few battles I got this time. Usually my fray has 7-9 opponents, but I only got 5 this time. Hopefully the next one will be a little more full, and I can get in some more battles :-)

Battle #1 - WIN

This ruleset was No Melee & All Snipers, with only dragons & water available... so I decided to use Lir Deepswimmer for the Blind & Return Fire abilities... with Lord Arianthus up front to hopefully take all the damage, and the Ruler of the Seas & Axe Master as my big damage dealers. First attack, my Axe Master killed his healer... so that's a good indicator of how this baby went :-)

Watch the whole battle

Battle #2 - LOSS

Blast was the only rule here, with a mid-range mana count. This was my first battle against someone from one of the top 2 guilds in this brawl... and I was completely destroyed. I should have known better than to run anything besides +speed in a blast match-up. They basically killed my whole team before any of them could do anything at all.

Watch the whole battle

Battle #3 - WIN

The ruleset here was No Epics or Legends and Knock Out, but unfortunately water splinter wasn't available (my usual go-to for knock out), so I decided to go with Yodin Zaku, since he's just so ridiculously good. Throw in a Gladiator card, somebody with Last Stand, and a Creeping Ooze, and I think we're ready to roll. Nothing really flashy happened, and Blast of course won the day.

Watch the whole battle

Battle #4 - LOSS

This is the one where that Guild Banish ability won the match. My opponent was able to stop me from using my Yodin Zakue, which was the obvious choice for the match. The ruleset was simply Holy Shield, so I instead went with Mimosa Nightshade for the 3-pronged bonuses... Undead Rexxie in front to trample like crazy, the Dark Ha'On to draw attention, some blast, a life-leeching Gladiator... and none of them did anything. Rexxie missed his only trample attack, the Ha'On literally did nothing, and my enemy's Dragon Jumper pretty much won the whole match.

Watch the whole battle

Battle #5 - WIN

This one was an easy choice - low mana cap, Even Stevens ruleset, it's time to bust out Pyre and the little homies! The only kill my opponent got was my Exploding Rats, and my Gladiator got to put in some real work for the first time that day

Watch the whole battle

Overall - Recap

We stayed in the top 3 - which is something that @Hive.Pizza has managed to do in every one of our brawls iirc. In this case, we were literally tied for wins with 2nd place, but got 3rd because we had one more loss than them.

Did I mention that we had a member go completely inactive, and receive a record of 0-8?

Seems like that may have changed things a bit, huh?

Still, we were way ahead of 4th place, tied up with 2nd, and all with a ghosted member, and most of us feeling like we did poorly.

That sounds pretty good overall, to me :-)

Did I mention that even with the crazy difficulty level compared to the last few weeks (where we were able to easily mop the floor with our opponents), we still had 3 guild members go undefeated?

Thanks for crushing it @kuzuri27, @pjlg, and @thecryptonnecter!

Now, if DEC would just crash 90% for a day so we can buy that level 3 Barracks, that would be great.

Thanks for tuning in everybody, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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