Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 169 // Splinterland Sandworm // The Hunt


Hi everyone, this is my first time posting and I tried to make a art for splinterlands. I have been trying out blender and learning how to model before find out about the game the join splinterland.

So today I choose to make the sandworm and trying to put it in the perspective of it hunting down it prey.

Steps of making:
I most use the subdivision modifier and the mirror modifier to form my models

The inner tooth before using the modifiers
tooth 1.png

The inner tooth after using the modifiers

tooth 2.png

Duplicated the tooth and make some small ones and use "Torus" to form the inner gum.
Gums 1.png

Duplicated three times of the Gums and the teethes as a set and resize to make that inner tummy like structure that the sandworm has.

Gums 2.png

Next the outer skin I use a cube and extrude and loop cuts to form this shape, it doesn't look like the outer skin of the sandworm but after the modifiers

outer skin 1.png

it looks much better and lastly for that big sharp outer teethes/claws

outer skin 2.png

Before modifiers
Big Tooth 1.png

After modifiers

Big Tooth 2.png

And everything put together

Head 1.png

Now for the colors/texture I choose to use the toon shader to give it like a cartoon feel


and now making a dune for the scene and some footsteps to show the tracks and sandworm head positioning

Map and Head Position.png

Final Render:

I choose to put it in this perspective of if "I am a sandworm" how would my point of view be when chasing down something hehe.

The Hunt.png

Edit 30/12/21:
My post to my completion of model and can download for free



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