E.O.S. 35 Gold Chest Results - Not Shabby

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Well end of season just happened and I already opened my reward chests. Here's the results:

20221115 6.png
20221115 7.png
20221115 13.png
20221115 8.png
20221115 9.png
20221115 10.png20221115 11.png

So, recapping:

No Gold Foil Cards

3 Rare Cards
8 Common Cards
1 Pack

Eh not so great card wise. Now for the obligatory potions:

81 Legendary Potions
21 Alchemy Potions

But now for the good stuff:

45.679 Splintershards
2840 Merits

Nothing to set the world on fire, but overall not so bad.

Good Luck one and all!!!

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