End of Season Rewards Chests - I Got One Hell of a Reward !

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Damn, I simply love everything about this game. I've even come to grips with the reward of a useless potion or one to three credits for completing the daily quest.

If I had one bitch about the game it would have been about receiving crappy rewards at each season's end. Endless repeat common cards as rewards was growing quite concerning. Was I just unlucky or did the game have it out for me?

Well, well, well! Much to my great surprise, at the end of the last season when I was opening my reward chests anticipating the usual crap...LO AND BEHOLD!!!

With the second chest I opened there it was...this beauty!

20211116 2.png

Yup, that's right. A legendary Djinn Oshannus, fast with a lot of health and a bit of magical strength. And since I received this bad boy, I've been using him every chance I get - winning battle after battle he's in.

Just had to share this with the Splinterlands community. So when you find yourself receiving crummy reward chest after chest, never fear and keep your chin up. Your luck can change for the better with just one chest. Mine did and so can yours!

Good luck all and happy gaming.