For Those Unfamiliar - A Deeper Dive into Splinterlands Guilds: Guild Stores


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This article is the second in a series of articles being prepared to introduce new and novice Splinterlands players to the many benefits of Guild Membership. Having recently applied to and having been accepted into a Guild (Goat Monsters), I am discovering these benefits first hand. The knowledge I have personally gained as well as quite a bit of personal research has resulted in this deep dive into Splinterlands Guild Stores.

The Guild Store - The Basics

The Splinterlands Guild Store is a relatively recent addition to the Guild system having been added by Brawl 2.0 in July 2022. Initially, there are two key benefits afforded to Guilds by the Guild Store. These benefits are:

  • Increased Merits Awards: Commencing at Store Level 1, Guild Members are awarded Merits by participating in Brawls in accordance with the following schedule

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In my humble opinion, I believe that it should be a priority for newer Guilds to achieve Store Level 2 as soon as practicable for two reasons: 1. To take advantage of collecting Merits rewards from Brawls; and, 2. To gain the ability to purchase Gladius Cases to improve and strengthen Guild Members decks.

  • More Items in the Store: As higher Store Levels are achieved, more Store items are unlocked and are available for purchase by Guild Members. As stated above, Gladius Cases are added at Level 2; the Spyglass is added at Level 4; the Blood Stone is added at Level 6; and, the Power Stone is added at Level 8.

So Wait a Minute - There are Two Currencies Awarded for Participating in a Brawl?

Yes, two separate currencies with different use cases are awarded for Brawl participation:

  • Crowns: Crowns

are the cooperative Guild currency that are earned for victories in Brawls" [Splinterlands. Crowns. (Accessed April 1, 2022)]. Crowns are spent by the Guild as a collective with the item purchased being for the benefit of the entire Guild.

[Nagoda, K. For Those Unfamiliar - A Deeper Dive into Splinterlands Guilds: Guild Brawls. (Accessed April 2, 2022)].

  • Merits: Merits

are a non-transferable guild currency used to buy items in the Guild Store. Everyone who participates in a Brawl will receive Merits when the Brawl ends" [@cryptomancer. Splinterlands Guild Store - a place to spend your Brawl Rewards!. (Accessed April 1, 2022)]. Every Guild Member that participates in the Brawl receives the same amount of Merits.


Please note: to receive your Merits for participating in a Brawl, make sure to submit all of your teams - if you forget, well, no Merits!

As noted by @cryptomancer (Splinterlands & Hive Engine Developer) "...Brawling is a team sport, every participant in a given guild will receive the same amount of Merits, regardless of win / loss / draw record. However, these amounts will differ from guild to guild" [@cryptomancer. Supra]. As the Brawl progresses through its various stages, the amount of estimated Merits receivable by Members may be found by clicking the 'Brawl Rewards' button on the Guild's Brawl page.

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Now You Have Some Merits and Want to Spend Them

To begin your shopping spree, enter the Guild Store by clicking on the 'Buildings' Tab on the front page of your Guild:

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On the page that opens, locate and click the 'Store' Tab:

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Ta-Da - Welcome to the Guild Store:

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From the launch of Brawl 2.0 up to and including the present, only four items are available for purchase within the Guild Store. These items, with a brief description, are as follows:

  • Gladius Cases: Gladius Cases merely are Gladius Card Packs available for sale. Brawl 2.0 introduced Splinterlands to Gladius Cards which is a 32 card set of Brawl specific cards. Gladius Cases are exclusively available from the Guild Store.

(A note on Gladius Cards: "Gladiator cards are rather special. They are more powerful than normal cards, intended to act as team captains, leading your monsters into battle...Gladiator cards cannot be traded, delegated, rented, or sold. Gladius Cases themselves are also SoulBound, as are Merits" [@cryptomancer. Splinterlands Gladiators - introducing a whole new set of 32 Brawl specific cards!. (Accessed April 2, 2022)].

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  • Spy Glasses: Spy Glasses prove to be a very useful item as it permits your Guild to spy on the other Guilds entered in the Brawl. Spy Glasses are purchased by your Guild Leader using the Crowns earned by your Guild in Brawls.
  • Blood Stones: Blood Stones are comparable to the Legendary Potions available to boost chances of obtaining better cards when opening packs. Use of a Blood Stone gives the Guild Member double their chance of receiving a Legendary Gladius Card when opening Gladius Cases.
  • Power Stones: Power Stones are comparable to the Alchemy Potions available to boost chances of obtaining better cards when opening packs. Use of a Power Stone gives the Guild Member double their chance of receiving a Gold Foil Gladius Card when opening Gladius Cases.

Final Thoughts

Introduction of the Guild Store into the Splinterlands Guild System has proven to be an excellent addition to overall 'Brawl' and 'Game' play. The Guild Store provides a central location for Guild Members to purchase game related items with the goal of improving their playing deck. But only Guild Members may purchase items from a Guild Store.

Being a member of a Guild is yet another way to enjoy the play of the game that is Splinterlands. It provides a teamwork framework toward adding a new dimension of fun, advancement and earnings to your Splinterlands experience. If you haven't considered joining a Guild, please do - active members are always being sought out.

[Nagoda. Supra].

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