Double Heal Green Strategy - Weekly Battle Challenge Entry




In this weeks Challenge we have the OG magic healer card from the Beta Collection, The Wood Nymph. An overall costly 4 Mana 1 Speed 2 Hearts card the ability Tank Heal. Widely used in the previous meta, nowadays with Chaos Legion there are other cheaper alternatives. Both Green Splinter and also Neutral Cards like the Zenith Monk. If a Tank Heal remains uncontested, then it is indeed game turning and essential in both Low-High Mana games unless more damage is done than healing to counter that.

Level 1 Card

The Ruleset, Close Range 99 Mana

Screenshot (79).png


Hoping that the enemy doesn't pick White Splinter, we are going to take the Double Heal Strategy with Taunt and Sand Worm to deal with the Backline Healer with no Archers. Pure magic damage and 2 Melee Attackers

The Setup

Screenshot (80).png

Unicorn Mustang first as main tank, Regal Peryton second because of High Hp and Speed. After that we have the Taunt Monster which will go down fast, in this case it doesn't matter which position it takes except the first. We need the Main Tank for that and Healers in the Middle where it's the safest spot against Snipers just in case and Sand Worm all the way in the back with enough HP to tank a few hits from sneak.

The Battle

Round 1

We can see that the Enemy picked the Green Splinter which is great for us, White could outdamage the double heal and lose us the game.
Screenshot (81).png

At the end of Round 1 both our Taunt Monsters are down but even with reduced Melee Damage, our Main Tank cannot be killed. Sand Worm still has a Turn which will clear the Last Enemy for us
Screenshot (82).png
Voilà, Enemy Backline is cleared and next up is the Healer.
Screenshot (83).png

Round 2

We can see here our Main Tank maintains full Health and the Sand Worm managing to hit the Enemy Healer. Clearing the path to victory for us
Screenshot (84).png

Round 3

Our Comp remains untouched as we close to victory. What a Massacre

Screenshot (85).png

Skipping to Round 5

We have cleared the Board and got an almost flawless Victory
Screenshot (86).png

Final Words

The Wood Nymph is a very powerful mid Mana Cost Card that can be used in almost any situation using the Green Splinter. Both with Older and New Card Releases, useful even at level 1 and low or high mana battles. Tank Heal is a very powerful tool a person can have in his bag of cards. The price of card right now is worth a grab for the future Format Change that's going to come, worth a consideration.

Thank you for tuning in and i'll see you soon. Have a nice week Splinterlands Community

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Sand worm has its usefulness in most strategy.
I love adding in my games.