Not an actual Snitch - Weekly Battle Challenge!


In this weeks challenge we are going to use a special Death Monster, The Shadow Snitch. We are going to dive into Silver League and give this monster a function. It is not very often seen but every card in Splinterlands can serve a purpose thanks to all the various rulesets and mana limits.
Let's dive in and look at the stats first




Common Monster with 2 Attack at level 4 and Affliction at level 6,
overall good health but slow speed and average Mana cost. Really Useful from Silver and higher
Screenshot (125).png

Rules of Combat


This is great because Death Splinter has cheap and versatile Monsters and we are going to be using Scavenger Monsters to take advantage of that.

Team Composition and Tactics

We are going to be using the Death Summoner Thaddius Brood mainly for the fact of Scavenger Cards and reducing the health of the enemy which means we can use the skill sooner and providing enough cardsto feed them.


Main Tank is going to be Nightmare because of its high health and speed.
Next up is Shadow Snitch as an Off-tank with the Reach Ability.
Followed by Riftwing with Scavenger
and a Special Guest... Mr. Gelatinous Cube that I LOVE. Both the Card and it's Design

(great job Splinterlands, I know you're reading this)

The Backline consists of Venari Bonesmith and Life Sapper. Both can survive for at least 2 rounds and be sacrificed to feed the Scavangers.

The Battle

Round 1

We are facing a composition where our Enemy has picked an interesting set of cards and this is the first time seeing a Doctor Blight. What an honor

We can see here what the -1 Health does for us, absolute wonders.
Screenshot (128).png

Round 2

Nothing really happened at the beginning except we exchanged some hits and we lost our Sapper because Djinn Oshannus has Void and Life Leech is useless against that but that is perfectly fine in this case. Nightmare has done a great job of tanking, sadly no misses

Round 3

We have lost our Main Tank but Shadow Snitch can soak damage from both enemy Monsters before Poison hits and thus protecting our Scavenger Cards for a little bit longer.
Poor guy is gone but we have the main advantage of the Enemy having too little damage output to turn this around as we watch them die slowly from poison. How cruel

Round 6

Wait wait wait... 1..2..3.. and then 6 ? The process has been skipped for any audiences under 18 because of Poison being rated PG 18, Parental guidance recommended. So here's a picture of our king and main star, Mr. Gelatinous Cube. Congratulations


Shadow Snitch is not a bad card to have around and you can be creative with it. It serves as a great Off-Tank with the useful ability of Reach to dash out extra damage at the good cost from 4 mana but 1 speed. This card really starts to shine when maxed in Silver or used in higher leagues where affiction is great ability to have around. Overall a nice and cheap card, ignore the name this card is trust worthy and not an actual Snitch

Thanks for tuning in and hopefully you had a good time and maybe some laughs,
like always credit goes to @Splinterlands. Good luck and be safe!


Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

Your battle was great, however your formatting has notable errors. You should center the images and have much more order in your presentation.