Red Means Fire - Weekly Battle Challenge!


Good day,
in this weeks Challenge we're going to use the Lava Spider from the Fire Splinter. Diving into Silver League and Fire being of my main Splinters this is a Monster that I really often use.
Let's dive into it !



Common Monster with 1 Attack 2 Speed 0 Armor 4 Health and the Snipe Ability.
2 Archery at level 4, Snare at level 6 and Poison at level 10.
Screenshot (147).png


  • "Few explorers dare to go deep within the volcanoes of the world. Tales are told of great spiders that weave threads of fire and trap their enemies in webs of flame. An inescapable and painful death.

  • When the Chaos Legion entered the Splinterlands through the great volcano in the center of Praetoria, they saw the lava spiders and used them to their advantage. Transporting these spiders into areas that need defense is a win-win for both groups. For the Chaos Legion, it is an easy barrier to ward off unwanted visitors. And for the lava spiders, they get free meals from the curious, the foolish, and the unwary adventurers that seek to strike at the Chaos Legion.
    The dwarven warrior crept his way towards a long stretch of stone corridor. It had taken him months to find this secret entrance within the dense jungle. A hideout for supporters of the Chaos Legion. He intended to destroy them all and make safe the area once again.

  • He made his way silently into the corridor, gripping his dagger tightly. But as he trekked further into the darkness, he felt the heat increase. A heavy frown crossed his features. That wasn't right. Why was it getting so hot?

  • He turned a corner and stifled an alarmed cry. Crisscrossing the corridor were strands of spiderwebs that glowed red hot. He brought his dagger up, but it was too late. A searing pain stabbed into his back.

  • He was unconscious by the time the burning web was wrapped around him." *

Rules of Combat

42 Mana, No Magic Monsters, Fire and Dragon Splinter + Melee can be used in First Position.
Screenshot 12342314.png

Team Composition and Tactics

This is great for us, Red has a variety of high cost high damage high health Monsters and I have a my Summoner and Monsters levelled to our advantage. We're going to be using Tarsa


Main Tank

Off Tank

Sneak Monster with decent Health

Buff and Armored Archer that shoots Lava Balls. Ouch gotta hurt

Our Featured Monster. Has a Spider Web made of Lava

Buff Archer all the way in the Back

Battle Tactics

Our composition is focused on dealing the possible damage on the front line with 2 Tanks and only 1 Sneak and Snipe Monster. Since Archery can be used on the first place, we want to deal with the Enemy Defense first and then deal with the Archers with our backline. Lava launcher has been placed in the spot where Enemy Snipers will attack first because of its armor and being able to tank some damage while we are keeping the rest of the team alive.

The Battle

Right at the start we see our Enemy picking the Dragon Splinter which grants extra armor to protect its monsters from 1 attack. Which is a smart move because we don't have Magic allowed and no summoner that can pierce armor. He also has 2 main tanks but still much less front line damage output than us. Let's see how it goes
Screenshot (137).png

Round 1

Exchanging a few blows half way through round 1 but no deaths yet.

Screenshot (138).png

At the end of Round 1 the enemy front line is severely more damaged than ours but there is still another Main Tank and blast damage incoming. Back line is almost dealt with but the Spy will attack our Lava spider if nothing changes because of it having the lowest health.
Screenshot (139).png

Round 2

We have dealt with the Spy and our Lava Spider survived because it went for our main tank instead which is still alive and slowly doing work. Our Lava Launcher is doing a great job tanking incoming Sniper damage
Screenshot (141).png

Round 3

We've lost our Main Tank and Fineas Rage is taking serious damage. Our Sneak Monster is having trouble hitting the enemy snipers and they're still armoured. Our backline is looking great
Screenshot (142).png

Round 4

Fineas Rage on the verge of dying, not managing to dodge any shots but at least the enemy has no tanks left only 2 high speed archers. Let's wipe them now
Screenshot (143).png

Round 5

After 14 turns and more misses than we can count, we finally managed to wipe out the enemy monsters and claim Victory.
Screenshot (145).png

Link to the Battle.


The Fire Splinter is very powerful and with the release of Chaos Legion, we have a bunch of new monsters we can choose from and even against Magic. Lava Spider is a great low cost Common Sniper especially in Silver League where you can increase it's damage and speed slightly. It is a monster that I often use and like to have in my set of cards and it costs only a few cents per copy. Absolutely underrated and affordable for anyone trying to build a strong and versatile Fire Deck.

As always, thanks for stopping by and credit to the images used above goes to @Splinterlands