Rent out your Extra Power for more DEC from Renting!

Hello Splinterlands, if you're like me building a Collection and is trying to climb the leagues but you're not there yet ... You can rent the power you don't need for extra DEC to purchase more cards or other needs.

As you can see in the image below, my total Collection Power from the Airdrop Points is 18,650. That is enough for me to play Silver III but not Silver II because I would need 40,000 Collection Power.

Screenshot 22.png

This is Silver III but with only 15,475 Collection Power. Because I'm renting out the rest while staying in the highest league possible

Screenshot 21.png

and this is the extra DEC that I'm getting from renting out some cards. It's not much but it's honest work
Screenshot 23.png

I'm sure many are aware of it but there still might be some that aren't. I'm using to help me manage my rentals. Another tip would be to check on your rentals every other day, if you need to update the prizes or compare prizes

Good luck!

Gif by @splinterlands