Sneaky Uraeus! - Card Market Review



Hello everyone,

I'm featuring the Epic Rewards Card Uraeus. This is a Neutral Card with the Sneak Ability and this means it can be used in any comp that allows neutral cards unless they get banned or no Epics.
Let's look at the Stats first


Screenshot (109).png


"There is a famous circus camp in the Smoldering Forest of the Burning Lands called The Sirk. It has the boldest daredevils, the most agile acrobats and the most distinguished freaks anywhere in the Splinterlands. These performers are especially well known for their daring games with the most dangerous creatures in the world. They hold staring contests with sabrecats and shut themselves into small boxes with rabid Maglarian wolverines. When it comes to snakes, these daredevils have one rule: Don’t mess with a Uraeus."

Stats Overview

Looking at the picture above, this card has 1 Attack 2 Speed 1 Armor and 2 Hearts at level 1.
Attack increases with 1 point on level 2 and the rest remains the same

You can use Level 2 Epic Cards with any level 2 Summoner which is a nice little upgrade to the 3 Mana Cost.

You can of course go a bit higher and get +1 Speed +1 Hearts at level 3.

You get another skill added and that's Poison at level 4. But of course you need a Level 5 Summoner to play it and playing in Gold League

Market Price

At the time of writing this post the price is quite good to snatch up on at least 1 copy of this card. Considering the price was around 4 dollars with all the other epics from rewards.
Let's look at the market

Screenshot (110).png

The card is currently for about 0.75 Dollar Cents per Copy and that is 133ish Combat Points per Dollar spent. Which is a great number and each copy grants us 100 CP due to it being Epic.
Screenshot (112).png

Card Usage

Great card you can actually play with and it combines very well with the Fire and Blue Splinter, having 1 armor which can block an incoming attack which is always great. It blocks any amount of physical or ranged damage unless it is magic which pierces right to the bone. Ouch... but at least he's safe in the back because not many magic monsters have Sneak.

Example with Fire Splinter, placed in the back and beeing a Menace to Society
Screenshot (114).png


Final Words

Uraeus is a great and (currently)cheap card to have around regardless of Summoner Level and being Neutral... even more use cases because of it. Too bad he is not getting enough attention but I play him constantly and only at the cost of 3 mana. Sneaking around like the sneaky little snake that he is

Thank you for reading and good luck!

Credit for the images used above goes to @Splinterlands


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