Yabapmatt and TheyCallMeDan on How to Evolve Your Roadmap and Achieve Your Long-Term Vision


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This clip from LeoFinance's Chain Chatter podcast kicks off with @yabapmatt talking about how he knew Splinterlands was an idea worth pursuing. With that being said, he had no idea what it might turn into. Through dozens and dozens of iterations over the past 4 1/2 years (cannot believe Splinterlands has been around that long!) Splinterlands has constantly evolved and grown into a living organism.

This is one of the beautiful things about building a project from the ground up. When you start getting users and start gaining traction, you start receiving feedback. That feedback becomes a key deciding factor in how you develop toward your 1, 2, 5 and 10+ year vision.

The community is everything. When you start getting that feedback, keep your ear to the ground and always be listening. I love taking this approach with LeoFinance and I think Splinterlands is a glorious example of this being done right at scale.

In this clip, we talk about:

  • SPL was a good idea immediately, Matt jumped in because he would invest shitons of $ himself
  • MTGOX (Magic The gathering online exchange)
  • The gaming industry is highly competitive and the SPL idea sounded like magic
  • Change is constant
  • Bring out the project because it's late in the game and leverage users to grow altogether
  • Benchmark with other game dapps
  • Validator nodes: Side chain for SPL petty tx
  • Khal: Building with new tech guarantees chaos, so you gotta build a long term vision and find a community that jumps in
  • Filter speedbumps from trash, iterations to make it work
  • Backburner cause it no longer fits the vision or found a better alternative
  • Go back to the drawing board: is this fulfilling the vision?
  • Dan: See the mountain you're climbing
  • Have a plan but be ready for the worst case scenario
  • 10-15yrs: I don't matter, it runs on its own
  • Set goals and if you can't do it alone, find a team and learn from the experience
  • See people who can fully have a totally decentralized video ecosystem
  • Have L2 digital communities: video, short form, written but immutable

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