BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge: Back to Basic Ruleset

Hello readers, this post is part of the weekly challenge BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! which consists of players sharing their battles with a particular rule selected in the post, read on to gain this week's battle knowledge using the Back to Basic ruleset.

  • Back to Basic
    • Monsters lose all their abilities, summoner effects like Yodin Zaku, Scared Llhama Mage or any similar effect work the same way.

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The rules established in the battle complicated me by removing my abilities I could not risk using many monsters with physical attack hand-to-hand due to the fact that the enemy had a sequence of battles with the summoner Kelya Frendul that would add shield for everyone on the team besides Venari Wavesmith increasing the maximum amount, little I worried about the Snipe ability added to the battle since it would not make much difference to its use or not against my magical monsters and the distance, at first I thought of using Yodin Zaku with a physical tank and shooters next, but could be the target of magical attacks against my high chances of wasting the damage on the opponent's armor, with this in mind I found more suitable the same use of composition that my rival had in the last history of battles recorded on the site.

  • My Composition
    Kelya Frendul > Demonshark > Djinn Oshannus > Wave Brood > Venari Wavesmith > Kulu Swimhunter > Nerissa Tridawn
    In the following order: Summoner > Tank > Second Tank, Third Tank, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Damager.

As I was aware that my enemy would have a team worked on the magic attack, although he only managed +1 of differential of my total magic attack of seven points against eight of his, but in compensation I had on my side Venari Wavesmith assisting me with more armor for my team. Other than that we had the same level of cards, same magic strategy and the same factor of depending on how lucky our tanks miss the attack while in armor to avoid Thorns.


Round 1
The first round was very friendly for both sides as there was no monster elimination, but I already knew that my Djinn Oshannus would not be able to hold on in the next round and I would end up losing my advantage of Void just as he also had, this made me a little worried, but I also realized that my tank was doing better against Deeplurker who no longer had the armor support and could be eliminated easily with Thorns and an attack.


Round 3
In the third round we tied in monster elimination with each managing to eliminate two monsters, I was already believing in my defeat because the enemy still had his Djinn Oshannus along with two monsters that were causing a damage of three magic attack points per turn, then the Snipe skill was finally by my side focusing on Nerissa Tridawn to the point that she was defeated in a combo of my remaining magicians so I giving another little glimmer of hope that I could beat this one.


Round 5
In the final stretch to declare the winner of the battle my tank ended up eliminating itself by attacking the enemy and receiving the blow of the thorns, the enemy tried to complete the service and almost completely eliminate my composition saving only Nerissa Tridawn, and here we start the fifth round knowing the winner is not it? I simply ended up eliminating their first magician without much difficulty and passed it on to the octopus shooter who could do nothing but watch and receive my magic attack. What a battle that was.


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