Splinterlands: Let's add some BETA monsters to your collection? Three card references



Each new collection that is released in Splinterlands the choice of your compositions for battle can change depending on the goal established with the new monsters, however what happens a lot is that some recent players end up leaving aside older collections and as a consequence leaving out of their options great monsters to build their compositions, and today I will share with all three monsters that can make a difference in battle.

Remembering that the alloy level mentioned in question is from Bronze III to Gold III, that is, it will not necessarily become as effective at the level I will mention here:

  • All Legendaries have the restriction of maximum level two (2), this is of course due to the summoner limit of the rank mentioned.

What is Splinterlands: Splinterlands is an NFT Play-to-Earn card game powered by the HIVE blockchain, collect monster cards, build your team, battle against other real players and all while being rewarded by earning Splintershards (SPS) tokens.


At first we have the earth element monster Spirit of the Forest with a cost of 7 mana amount, at its level you get the attributes: 6 in speed, 2 in ranged attack, 0 in armor and 8 in maximum health.

With this high speed we can already see that it is a fast attacker with a good chance to dodge physical attacks and also has the benefit of the ability Flying adding a bonus to the dodge against non-flying monsters, this makes it great to battle against monsters with Sneak, Opportunity and rules with the same benefits, plus we get the ability to eliminate important or damage causing monsters with the Snipe skill that will seek to attack monsters with magic attacks first, then ranged and if it contains neither it redirects to the front line.
We also get the Tank Heal ability making us great frontline support as well as assisting with damage dealt, and when I refer to becoming great support I recommend trying this card at the next level you get the Protect ability providing shielding to your entire team.


The Hydra is a neutral monster with a cost of 7 mana, by its attributes highlighted we can see that it has the function of being a tank in the front line in matches with low or medium amount of mana, its attributes at level 2: 4 in speed, 3 in attack, 0 in armor and 8 in maximum health.

For those older players who used the Sea Monster as their front line, you should familiarize yourself with this monster since they have similar qualities, however apart from the same part of getting the Heal ability at its initial level, the Hydra gets the Thorns ability a little earlier than your opponent, making it easier to duel your opponent in hand to hand combat for example, Its biggest advantage is being able to fit into any element thanks to its neutrality, but as I mentioned in the beginning description of the monster it might not be a good idea to use it in battles with high levels of mana available, in no way any amount higher than 17 even the Hydra at higher levels may not get the attribute points needed to duel against others with the same level but specific for bigger matches.


This firebird is my favorite of the list, here we have the Elemental Phoenix, perhaps one of the few magic monsters for the fire collection that contains a magic attack greater than three, I particularly find its art amazing both the Alpha edition that practically shows its whole body and the Beta that highlights its feathers with the zoom, its attributes at level 2: 5 speed, 3 magic attack, 0 armor and 8 points maximum health.

My liking for this card comes from the set that pleases me in any Splinterlands battle, the simple possibility of hitting multiple targets with the Blast ability, and the fact that the monster is a magic attacker which ignores the armor of the target making it easier to eliminate it, its high amount of speed points besides of course the Flying ability makes it almost intangible against physical attacking monsters, strangely for some reason the legendary monsters of the Beta collection tend to circulate their maximum health at 8, interesting to think about the reason.
As I mentioned in Spirit of the Forest, Elemental Phoenix can be used in larger battles or rank level above Gold III, this is defined by the fact that its attributes are compatible for such a feat, imagine that in the next levels of its evolution besides getting a magic attack of four points per turn, it gets two defensive abilities that are Dodge and Magic Reflect, we already have a good dodge at the beginning, with these final abilities hitting you will be a big challenge for your opponent.

Some observations and acknowledgments I need to mention:

I don't know how I could be stupid enough to lose my cell phone while walking down the street, with this I am still unable to operate Binance withdrawals to send HIVE to Splinterlands, I am starting a new account from scratch so that I can interact more with this wonderful blogging system by linking the account with the name, so I am still with the default username Acolyte as Binance told me to wait 48 hours to reset the security number so I can withdraw my HIVE.



New account: https://splinterlands.com/?ref=acolyte_595505
Temporary bot account: https://splinterlands.com/?ref=highmage


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