Splinterlands: We are coming to the end Season, getting 477 Hive token for our wallet


A Good Opportunity to buy a token

Hello players of #Splinterlands, recently with the fall of the token $HIVE I thought better buy a good fraction to leave in my wallet in #PeakD so I do not need to keep transferring my account at Binance and happen again I can not complete the verification by the error on the part of receiving the SMS text message or something like that, bought around 195,00 $ Dollars which earned me around 447,067 $HIVE to bank my purchases and activities in Splinterlands, a friend recommended I use part to get Hive Power to increase my power and amount of interaction on the network but for now my existing amount is enough for transactions.



Preparations for section start

I already reported in my previous post Splinterlands: Let's add some BETA monsters to your collection? Three card references about my desire to interact more on the Hive network with Splinterlands through the blog since I learned that we can be rewarded for it, since then I have been with the thought of starting a new journey by creating an account with the same name linked to the blog to share with everyone this great process of accession to better leagues, I would like to emphasize that I do not intend to actually remove my cards from my alternative accounts that run through @splintermate because before everything even if I am with this project to entertain me Splinterlands is an investment and it would make no sense I leave my income stopped for this purpose, however not to become boring and depend on starter cards I left in wallet this amount of token $HIVE for possible purchases, rentals and costs necessary for RC if needed.
Well, it's time to select our favorite cards so we can rent them all at a fair price for the beginning of the season, this new function of sharing decks in PeakMonsters makes things much simpler see an example:


Thanking @mrchillph for his dedication in putting together these compositions and sharing with everyone, these compositions are set up with tanks that contain the Heal skill to heal themselves in the frontline or supports with the Tank Heal skill that will heal any monster that is in the first position and that includes yourself if it is the situation in battle, for now i will not comment on the rental price for everyone as it is in imbalance of benefit x return as some cards are just in high value to complete that lack of end of sesion collection power that we all look for with a day or two left, this is or was before the update of the possibility to rent for the whole season but i believe not everyone is using it that way.

Why am I selecting Wild cards?

You may have noticed old school monsters like Sea Monsters, Water Elemental, Cerberus, Kobold Miner and others from the same collection, this is due to the fact that unlike my other accounts this one I will run entirely in Wild league and not Modern, I took the time to think that the benefit of Modern was simply the fact that you could achieve better leagues with a lower collection power, the cost to achieve the Gold I league is the same as the Gold III of the Wild format, another point is that the reward pool in battle is better for the Wild format as you can see below:


Let's face it, the difference is not that surprising except in the Gold league where Modern is in lesser difference to Wild, maybe playing in this league to stay in that respective level is a good financial strategy, I particularly leave between Gold III to Diamond III not more than that for the lack of better possibilities to win consecutive matches, it is worthless your level if you do not have a sequence of minimum chests for each daily mission or end of sesion.
But even with all this information I also state that out of the collections allowed only in a league are many cards that I have acquired a pride of ownership and use in my battles, one of them is an idle tank (no attack, only skills, even with its level up) from the Lord Arianthus reward collection, although I could only use it up to level three it comes with a skill set that reduces melee and ranged physical attack, magic attack, melee physical attack return and magic attack return, maybe if it got any points of armor as already tested through the battle rule that adds shield to all involved to help its maximum health it would become one of the best tanks for battles of this level that is a fact.

Some monster tips for Bronze III-I and Silver III-I

  • Sea Monster
    Required minimum level (3), a physical tank with a great attack of (4) and (9) maximum health points in addition to its healing ability, its disadvantage comes from its low speed in addition to the lack of armor.
  • Ettin Spearman
    Minimum level (3), physical ranged attacker has a great power of (3), a maximum health of (8) and the Piercing skill hitting the enemy's armor and reaching his health if the damage exceeds the value of the armor, his disadvantage also comes from the lack of speed in addition to the lack of armor.
  • Ruler of the Seas
    Legendary beta, minimum level (1), magic attacker containing (2) points, median maximum health of (5) and a speed of (3), can reach more than one monster per turn can even reach three with specific rules that give you the ability Snipe or Opportunity, disadvantage is the median health without armor and its high cost to obtain in your collection.
  • Minotaur Warlord
    A second earth element tank of legendary rarity with the minimum level (1), has a good starting attack (4), a high maximum health of (10) and a speed acceptable for its use, has the power to reflect magic attacks with the Magic Reflect skill, its disadvantage is in being a second tank for magic attacks after the death of the first becoming passive in the first turns.

  • Please note: I simply did the stupid thing of creating this account through Ecency and not Splinterlands through Steemonsters and it turned out that I can't use my username, however the new one for playing is called @buukid

Temporary bot account: https://splinterlands.com/?ref=highmage


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