My job today is picking coffee berries


One of the plants that becomes our investment in old age is the coffee tree. This is one thing that is very productive so it is not surprising for highland people to plant coffee trees in an area of ​​thousands of Hatta because this is one of the plants that is very productive for the long term long.
for today I have a hard job and this is accompanied by a friend of mine that in the garden today we are ready to type the ripe coffee fruit. This is one form of the result of what we have done several years ago. I have planted coffee trees and today I can enjoy the results of these plants. This will continue with We believe this is a very promising investment for me.
Some of these pictures also became a highlight for my friends because they thought that I had done something instant. Even though they never understood. What was the struggle when I first opened this land? This is the result of hard work and friends, we must know that everything we do with confidence will bring positive value to us.
friends, of course you can see how we are doing a job today, namely coffee compatibility and friends can also see that the coffee trees here look very fertile. Apart from the suitable weather, these coffee trees also have maximum care for doing the work. like this we have to be consistent and continue to have the courage to take a good attitude from the beginning when we cleared the land until now we have found results. This is a hard work and I know I have to do this with full confidence so that it becomes an exhibition for my friends that I have do something positive for my family.
This is the plantation work that we are doing today. Hopefully friends can also imitate it. Continue to see if these friends are like us, then it's time for us now because we know this is a good thing, a positive thing, something that can build our family towards better.