selling at the morning market


The market is a gathering place for various individuals and various professions because we know that the market is a place to carry out various money circulation transaction activities and various other activities so that in the early morning the market is still always busy because we know that almost every person goes to the market. with their respective needs.
In the bright morning atmosphere I have seen various individuals in the market center walking around with their own needs. I saw that the mothers were standing in front of people who were selling kitchen necessities such as chilies, onions and the like because we know that this is the target of the mothers, they are people who always look after the kitchen, of course they buy kitchen necessities so we can see that the Center the gathering place for those people was here.
To find out some of the latest conditions here, I also took several pictures with different camera points or several directions so that friends can see all of this. How the people here are always busy in the morning. I see this is part of the struggle of a mother and a woman. father in achieving his mission, namely making his beloved children happy. Here are some pictures of today's market conditions. Hopefully this information will make friends also know what conditions are like in various parts of the world.